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  1. During some courses in school she came to understand and appreciate the art of photography and the many ways of displaying the beauty of nature or urban sceneries. She liked to put her work on display and eventually caught the eye of the schools little newsletter, and joined the team. Amelia had a good time outside of classes with the people, spent a lot of free time researching for the next article - which determined her later career. Amelia wanted to become a reporter. After hard work in high school and college even, she finally found a job. The local place would be her start, but she was eager and determined to grow bigger, keep a good reputation and perhaps one day, make it in one of the big places. New york perhaps? Her dreams were more or less realistic goals she chased after, however, they would not be fulfilled in the future. For a news report, she was sent to Chernarus, also wishing to work on her personal photography blog to get a few new posts out about the wonderful nature even in such harsh climates as Chernarus could house it. Making her way into the province, she was only in company of her camera. This precious item however was soon useless, and she would have to trade it for a knife, hastily grabbed as all structure crumbled and the dead roamed the streets. Now, Amelia is doing all things neccesary for survival, including hunting animals for food, scavenging, yet always keeping her determination in an attempt to save her humanity in this hostile environment. If anyone needs her help, be it medical or food supply, she will do what she can. Amelia is no lone wolf and strives to find a group, to be less tense and more at ease.
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