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  1. When Charlie was born her father had already left her mom. It was her grandmother that raised her while her mother focused on drugs. She grew up angry with everyone around her. School was always a challenge because even though her teachers just wanted her to do her best, she had no respect for authoritative figures. She started experimenting with drugs at 13 to escape her reality. When she was 15 she came home one day high and found her grandmother dead from a heart attack. This was her first time feeling heart break and it changed her for the worse. She had nobody around her anymore that she cared about and it sent her in a spiral. At 16 she left home and started hitchhiking. She met good people along the way that would give her food and shelter but every once in a while a lonely truck driver would pick her up and expect more. She started carrying a knife and learned how to use it quickly. Once the outbreak started she knew it was time to be on her own. Trusting people was hard for her since everyone she met seemed to have bad intentions. She became skillful at stalking people and scoping their weaknesses. Charlie at heart is not a bad person but misguided. But if someone is aggressive or threatening towards her she has no problem with defending herself.
  2. Growing up in northern part of British Columbia gave Judy the skills that few can learn. Her mother taught her everything she knew. She was taught to fish, hunt and survive the cold winters of Canada. Her father died when she was young and she never knew what a functional family was meant to be. She hoped to be able to create the perfect family of her own one day. When Judy turned 17 she married her highschool sweetheart, Barry. It wasn't long after that her and Barry had their first and only child, Matthew. Things changed quickly after he was born and not for the better. Barry also did not grow up with a perfect family and starting turning to alcohol the same way his father did. Judy's dreams of finally having the perfect family faded quickly. Barry worked all day and drank all night. Judy did the best she could to shelter it from Matthew and for a long time it worked. Matthew was a mama's boy and Judy loved every second of it. They were best friends. Barry made the effort to be more involved in his sons life every once in a while when Judy pestered him enough. But it always fizzled and he would soon be too drunk to focus on anything. By the time Matthew was a teenager Judy found herself with more spare time and eventually got herself a job at the local grocery store as a cashier. This was her first real job and she felt she was good at it. Content with her job and her life. When the outbreak happened it all fell apart. It took a while for it to spread to her part of the province but when it did, it hit hard. Barry, Matthew and Judy stayed in their home just outside of town until they were robbed. Forced out of their home at gunpoint they were left with nothing. It didn't take long until their first zombie encounter. Barry gave his life to protect his family so that Judy and Matthew could make it out alive. They survived a couple weeks on their own until a hoard of zombies caused Matthew and Judy to separate. Terrified of Zombies, Judy refuses to get near or even kill a zombie. How do they know they won't find a cure? What if one of those zombies is my son? She ponders. She must find Matthew.
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