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  1. My name is Bucephalus Jones. Before this whole thing started I worked for Fed Ex. and I had been working there for many years I had worked my way up the food chain. despite tackling a heroin addiction I managed to keep my job and thrive in the company. now I was asked to check out locations in Chernarus for a new hub. Not something too big just a small operation that would allow us to expand out companies One-day, two-day select shipping throughout Turkey, Georgia, Russia well you get the point. Anyway, I was on a business trip to Chernarus to see if we could establish Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk, or possibly Berezino. Things started to get hairy after the attack regarding those extremists in April of 2017. So my boss arranged a flight home. But, by the time I had my flight details. South Zagoria had to declare martial law and I wasn't going anywhere. Luckily, I was in Chernogorsk hearing stories about those things working their way down the country. People were smuggling people in boats after the borders got shut. But I didn't, well still don't speak enough Czech to negotiate. Besides, where would I know where to find someone like that. I've lost track of time and have no clue how long the world has been like this. I have a wife back home. But since communications are well, gone. I'm not sure if she's even still even alive. Days ago I was comfortable and as well stocked as any survivor had hoped to be these days. But now, now I've been reduced to not much more than a ripped up shirt, faded patched up hiking pants and camp sneakers. Its been a slow painful process scavenging for new supplies hoping not to wander back into the bandits. To the monsters who had effectively killed me already. Hoping they haven't developed a taste for the "long pork". Life has been hard on the road. I typically avoid towns and cities. Too many infected; so hunting and gathering have proven to be safer but not necessarily more reliable by any means. They say there is safety in numbers. I hope this is true because I've been looking for a friendly face. But it's hard to trust anyone these days. I wish I was home right now, but I reckon there isn't much left back in Oregon. Same shit different place. First, that long futile struggle speaking only English in a place where Czech is the native tongue. God, that was something else. Then scratching to survive through a god damn zombie apocalypse.
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