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  1. Volpe

    Open Broadcast -- Now Hiring!

    After waiting to hear what other people are saying about these 'job openings' Grant decides that it might be time to join in on the conversation. He brings the radio up to his mouth *click* "Ahem, I've been listening in for a while, and I heard you're looking for some employees for your business, Miss Penelope? My name is Grant. I'm a sort of handyman you could say. I grew up hunting and fishing, worked at a garage when I was younger for a while, and I might be a resourceful person for you and your co-workers. I could potentially be a good asset in your security team, or maybe maintenance." He takes in a deep breath thinking about what he's saying. "So, would your folks be interested in having a man of my style? I'm almost always available, and have a lot of batteries for my radios, so I'll be listening. Thanks for your time, Miss Penelope." Grant releases the button, and sits back on the tree stump, awaiting a response.
  2. My worst and probably most lulz worthy time of RP was probably back in the mod, my first time playing too. Some guy said that he'd take me to a safe area, and pretty much drove me from Cherno to NWAF, and said that he's going to go get more people to help, and to stay near the fire station. So I obviously didn't stay, and literally I swear half the server shows up when I'm at the barracks screaming "Drop the bag!! Drop your gun!!" I'm thinking to myself maybe they're not all that bad... And then one of them started shooting at something I don't remember, probably a zombie. By now I dropped my gun but I didn't drop my bag yet, I saw my opportunity and bolted at the speed of light, into the woods. I prongs under a tree hiding, and took out my spare MP5SD from my bag and decided I wasn't gonna make it out, and fired off a mag, then they still didn't see me. Next thing I know I hear them all screaming "GRENADE GET DOWN!!" And I exploded. Other than almost getting rekt immediately and constant screaming of at least 25 people, it was pretty neat.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-combat-log-server-1-eu?pid=996145#pid996145 Why the verdict is not fair: It was resolved, and the person(s) who were involved were okay with what happened, and it was taken care of. I did not get unbanned for about another few days, and that was because I myself was messaging the admin that initially responded in the thread. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I did get unbanned on two of the servers, and after a while I took a break from DayZRP, and came back earlier today to find out I'm actually banned on all 4 for some reason now. It still has the same reason as well, being labeled 'Volpe-Tempban'. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be unbanned on all 4 servers. What could you have done better?: Nothing really, other than having better internet. Also thanks for the time to check this out.
  4. Volpe

    FightNight - Fighting Tournament -

    If you're still looking for assistance I could come in for being an emergency doctor/medic if needed Name: Grant Lock