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  1. My character's name is Redd Sierra. Redd Sierra was sound asleep, aboard the Costa Risacca cruise ship, on the night of July 21st, 2017, when he and his wife, Krista, both awoke to the lamp beside them falling off of the nightstand and crashing on the ground. They both got up and realized the entire ship was shaking. They both went outside to get a look at the storm. Now above deck, Redd and his wife witnessed the severity of the storm. His wife started heading back to their cabin and urged Redd to join her. Redd, lagging only seconds behind, noticed something just ahead of the ship. Before he could process or even think about yelling for his wife, the ship struck the large mass of rocks, and Redd began to slip off of the now tilting ship. He fell into the freezing water beneath and began swimming away from the pull of the sinking ship. Once the ship had been completely submerged, small groups of survivors began filling into the few lifeboats had managed to be ejected. Redd boarded a lifeboat and headed for the shore with a few others. None of them new the state of chaos Chernarus was currently in. Once on land, the group quickly realized the nature of the virus and began a small camp in the trees just inland from the coast. Redd decided to split from the group and search the shore for his wife. With little luck, Redd's priorities shifted from reconnecting with his wife to survival of the fittest within a week. With no clear way out of the country, and nobody to trust, Redd has no choice but to scavenge around, hoping to find food, shelter, and any other sane people left in this world.
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