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  1. The point im making still stands. You made a new set of demands to me which I was intending to comply with given how shit the situation went for us. You didn't allow me time to comply.
  2. Im sorry perhaps I got confused slightly as I'm new to the server, I'm not disputing the fact that you had rights to kill me but I was more going for the fact that under the circumstances of the situation; i.e. you speaking to me and making a demand. I wanted to comply as I knew that I was no longer able to make an impact, but before given a chance to comply to these demands I was shot and killed. I believe this to be ruleplay or perhaps Invalid Kill (On Sight). In short you remade a demand I wanted to comply with due to the situation and you shot me eagerly before I had a chance. P. S. We were operating as a group of dynamics and so you would have to initiate on me in order to shoot me, as I did not initiate on you due to having defender rights.
  3. Server and location: Server 2 Nadbor, Livonia Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:40 CEST Your in game name: Manvej Ratesh Name of suspect/s: logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Was in Nadbor talking to King's Ridge who were moving there. Finish RP with them and leave the town due to a firefight between unknown groups beaking out, hear someone say "put your hands up or i'll shoot", so I turn around to see if it's me that they're talking to, only to get shot before I get the chance to put my hands up and surrender, and also without the chance to look for the person that was talking to me.
  4. Manvej is a moderately malnourished Indian man hailing from the province of Maharashtra. Moving to Livonia when he was out of work following from his previous call centre job, Manvej settled down to live the quiet life on a farm with his underage child bride, Priya. When the apocalypse hit, Manvej showed his true colours, sacrificing Priya to the horde of undead that rocked up at his door before escaping to the wilderness as an attempt to survive. From there, he would learn the skills necessary to survive in the real world, away from his bubble on the internet, filled with the scammers of his homeland and the hundreds of hours burned on farming simulators.
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