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  1. My characters name is Conrad Alkim, a Turkish Archaeologist and Anthropologist. As a Youth i was As a Scientist, my character has spent his adult life studying, receiving education and working with various museums and agencies to recover and inspect artifacts. My goals, (through role play) are to see and be escorted by players to all the major places of the game in order to study the history of humanity after their collapse and also to connect with other survivors in order to survive and bond with them. (Or more to meet many players, role play flamboyantly and see the beautiful remnants of this game I haven't seen since 2012, or ever, that's part of the fun) Conrad is currently 34 during the events of the first week. He was assigned by his museum to collect remnants of a much older set of Russian and German text artifacts lost throughout Chernarus. These are books that detailing the events after WW1, communist manifestos from Marx's followers, journals and notes about German generals, leaders and conspirators what could prove to new information about the introduction to WW2, but that doesn't see to matter anymore. These texts were supposed to be delivered to a civilian airport off the coast, where I could meet with the collector who found some of the works herself. After landing in Chernarus, I stayed in Svetlojarsk for a few days before her arrival that I was supposed to receive, but that never happened. Instead I witnessed the events of this countries fall into chaos, a wail that the world seemed to echo back like a cry of agony. The Military intervention, the bombings, the Virus, I'm afraid its too much for Conrad, too much for anyone i'd think, but now a man lost in a foreign county with the Apocalypse at his door, Conrad must pull himself together and find those remnants of history he traveled here for, because without anyone or any purpose, he is sure to go mad.
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