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  1. born into a middle class family. Raised by a single mother, she could not handle the burden of a child. At age 14 was abandoned at an orphanage. his father was a phone salesman who was killed in a bad phone deal. Avid Sportsman, hunting and fishing and such. hiking guide in the summer's. hobby's include long walks on the beach, skydiving, scuba diving, and bareknuckle boxing. Ran marathons on weekends for fun. Also has experience as a life coach where he teaches young boy how to be men, but that didn't last long as he was accused with sleeping with his clients wives. I was wrongfully imprisoned and sent to Livonia for 15 years for the act of murder. still maintains his innocents with lack of evidence. became well known in the prison and became friends with his cell mate Thadius who was also wrongfully imprisoned. threw the years Thadius and I survived prison with the help of each other .A bond like that is hard to break but not impossible. thadius was released from prison 3 years ago and swore to pick me up when I was released. I cant wait to walk out that gate a free man. all I have to do is last one more day.
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