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  1. Characters name is Thadius Coxx esquire. Formally a defense lawyer and assistant district attorney until he was he was found guilty of misdemeanor possession of cocaine and vehicular assault on a police officer. To this day he still maintains his innocence. While in prison he grew a close bond to his cellmate lucifer who also maintains his innocence but that is questionable at best as Lucifer may or may not a have talked in his sleep about the killing. None the less their talks about future plans of hunting and fishing when they got out were the best parts of the austere sentence. He started reading every book and magazine on the subject he could find. After his 12 years prison sentence (which he maintains was wrongful imprisonment) he was free to roam the world again. He spent 3 years walking the appalachian trail, fishing and just communing with nature. He spent some time as a white water rafting guide around murphy North Carolina but that didn’t work out as he was accused of having an affair with his bosses wife. He went back to drifting and even spent some time as a hobo hoping trains waiting for the day his friend would be free again. He saved up and bought a bus ticket to Livonia to be there when lucifer was released. That day seemed to be so far away but now it is here that day is today.
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