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    Lets Build A PC!

    I have 2 22inch lcd screens and a razr keyboard and mouse.. the reason I went with the 4GB 760 is its now down to $280 the 2GB is $260 so I was just like what the hell $20 and double the RAM hell yeah.
  2. Hello people, glad to see your here reading my post please excuse my horrible grammar and sentences with no end. But any way i feel iam ready to build a PC im sick of my old laptop and playing dayz with 10 to 20 fps is just no fun. I have a pc part picker link here =======> AMD PC Build. let me know what you think seeing how everybody here probably has more experience than me why not listen to some advice. I cant decide wether to go AMD or INTEL though AMD is cheaper I know you could make a Intel build just as good or better for my budget price which is around $1,200 to $1,300 US currency so theres no confusion but any way feel free to talk shit or speak pc words of wisdom im open to everything and anything thank you for your time.
  3. No idea What i was being kicked for, i downloaded the folder via u torrent and deleted my local file then reinstalled it manually reconnected. haven't been kicked yet hopefully i fixed it.
  4. Well shit i just reinstalled @DayZRP and yet kicked again any ideas?
  5. Yes, it would probably fix it. doing that as i'am typing this Yes, it would probably fix it. But it would be easier to just go to your RP folder and delete tracked_w_baf.pbo i dont see the pbo file in my @DayZRP folder.
  6. Thanks a bunch man, been trying to figure what i keep getting kicked for it seemed like it was fixed after the server maintenance but its picked up again.. If i try reinstalling the @DayZRP folder manually do you think this would help?
  7. IGN: (Max 'MAXI' Harrleson) Age: 22 in game. 22 in real life. Country: US English skills: only language I know, besides some very offensive Spanish words. (not a good writer poor grammar). DayZ Experience: Not that much really, i play just to have fun and have a good time. What kind of role best describes you: More of a hero type of player always there to help a person in need. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No. Additional notes: I work a 4 day on 4 day off schedule im on most or all of my days off. Best way to contact you: PM on here. Backstory: TBA (subjected to change).
  8. This Thread can be closed.. since the server maintenance the other day i haven't been kicked yet.
  9. I was not bragging just saying what i saw and thanking those who saved me from being robbed. i was unarmed.
  10. I would just like to thank those who saved me and my civilian friends life's today at prud from B17, it was a slaughter house i was so scared but good fun it was.. who else was there when the robbery/B17's slaughter went down?
  11. I use the launcher. I try to ask people but they just say i don't know..
  12. Question/Problem: I keep getting kicked for no reason sometimes I get kicked after 3 minutes on the server sometimes 30 or 40 minutes on the server Is the problem on the Mod or Standalone: The MOD Does this problem occur on other public DayZ/ArmA/SA servers as well: I haven't had this problem on other public servers or white listed servers. How long have you had this problem: I started having this problem for the past two days now. What have you done to fix this already: I seem to be able to delay the problem by re verifying my game caches and deleting the sud AK7m files then updating the launcher, this only lasts until the server restarts. once the server restarts I have to repeat this whole process I think it may have something to do with my battle eye anti hack if I could find a link to update or manually install this somehow I think my problem may be solved any help is appreciated thank you in advance..
  13. we all have are regrets and we all live with them most contacts on my phone know i drink and expect the random call at 3 or 4 in the morning expecting there opinion or say on debatable subjects. Do you mean to concentrate ? Thats different when iam drunk , i can get super focused on something well until untill i reach a certain point in my drunkness, better not drink above that. :-D i like this guy also, he knows his grammar i just throw commas and periods where ever i want im a redneck son of a bitch we here are lucky to have a good edumication. yes edumictaion no typo there just redneck word of the day.. feel lucky i shared that sorry buddy im trying but i just don't have the gift i was taught it but cant remember it.
  14. i like this guy.. agreed but rp intoxication happens we all do but most mature others understand. hahaha yes it is as long as its fitting and good rp.. one of my best moments on dayz epoch me and buddy Daniel found an apache and lets just say im a good gunner (or atleast i thought i was) and he is a damn good pilot i let him him fly me all over the map we took down so many npcs that we had so much gear we were flying noobs to our base and just giving everything away.. hahahahahaha motor vehicles inrl and virtual reality same shit different day. well i hate to steal from you wish we could share the thread all credits from know on pass from me to you... from what you call tipsy to drunk may have to be challenged i feel that drinking games and contests shall settle this...
  15. I hope i can be accepted into this awesome community of gamers I love to role play and have fun iam actually quite a shy person inrl so don't let me being quiet and unheard push you away once i get to know you and im open with you watch out because i may make you laugh uncontrollably or i may just completely blow your mind not trying to brag but im here for fun and good laughs isn't that what gaming's all about? just a break from the real society? in this society we don't have bills to worry about we don't have financial issues to worry about we just have a character in that moment in that sense of mind that anything can happen we can be anybody and we can just block out everything else and no one can take that away from us because this is who we are this is who we wish and want to be this is are fresh start or a story that is being continued. THIS IS DAYZ RP.....