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  1. I am an ex black ops military guy named Josey Whales that has fled his home after the outbreak. I have heard of people living in an area and wanted to venture there to see if it is a place I can find a new home. So I got a ship of a group living in the ocean and convinced them to sail me here. I would be searching for a place I can finally be at peace after a long life of fighting. The outbreak was the last straw but my saving grace because it allowed me to escape my past so I can look into my future. I have left a family behind knowing the outbreak turned them long before I had a chance to help. I'm not looking to replace them but just want to move forward. I have been surviving alone for to long and know that its time to start to rebuild anyway I can and knowing I can not do that alone. I will be in search for a group that I can join and start to look for that little happiness this dark world has left to give. I'd like to give the vibe for my character like an old wild west cowboy that has seen and done alot of good and bad and just wants to do right by his morale code he has gained over the years. Which the basis for that is to just enjoy what life has left, stand up for the weak, and to use my past mistakes to make better choices in the future.
  2. I can not join. I have the same name in the parameters Josey Whales and I load in play for 30 seconds and it says no character available.
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