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  1. My character would've been a born on American soil compared to his parents. His parents had moved to the USA for a future for their childrens. They wanted there children to not live in poverty like they had done in vietnam and saw an opportunity in the united states of america, they had been talking to a stranger over the internet and that stranger had offered them a job for not alot of money but the company would've payed for their living expenses. So they decided that they were gonna leave vietnam for them and their future children. As a kid he would love to take care of people always had compassion and empathy for everyone and every living thing. When he grew older he started to see that he wanted to help people and always put other peoples need infront of his, so he took a loan and went on to medical school and worked there for a while and was an exceling student compared to all his classmates. When school was over he had aced almost every thing he could ace. He worked after school to pay loans off and other things such as living expences but he later on went on to study once again because his goal was to become a CDC worker. Which he in the end succeed.
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