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  1. I was born in Ireland but grew up in a town just outside of London from the age of 4. I prefer not to think of anything from my school time, it was just an all round terrible time. After I finished school I started studying psychology, biology and English language. I got a job in my local pub, all be it under the table. After 2 years of studying I passed my exams with a B in psychology and biology and a C in language. I then went full time at the bar as a manager, I could have gone further with my studies, or got a job in those fields but honestly I could be bother then. Mind you, now were here I wish I had, maybe I'd still be home with my family, and not alone in Chernarus. You're probably wondering how a bar manager got from London, to smack bang in the middle of an outbreak in Russia. Well, around the time I finished my studies a couple of people my age started working as bar staff at the Mulled Inn. It was nice to interact with people my age, who weren't off their face drinking, and being everyone else working there were over 35, the three of us became good friends. We all spoke how we would love to travel and we made a plan of how we would start in the Netherlands, through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland. Then into Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, France then Home. As you can tell that went belly up. We were in Russia when the outbreak happened in Chernarus, we were only maybe 100 miles from there, and we couldn't get flights home. We began trying to find a safe place together but got split up quickly. I just want to find somewhere where I can be safe, and I can survive without too much worry and find a way home. It would be really nice if I find my friends from home, but ultimately I just want to live, to survive.
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