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  1. I write this in hopes that somehow word will get back to my wife and son if they are still alive and haven't turned. My adult life began in the US Army after high school. Wanting to escape the sleepy border town that was my home in El Paso, Texas, I enlisted and never looked back. I pushed myself and latched onto every opportunity that the Army had to offer. Jump school. Air Assault school. Ranger School. The drive to challenge myself and serve something bigger than the small town ideas I grew up with in a big, sleepy border city fueled me. That blind devotion cut my teeth in Iraq. Then Afghanistan where I was presented with another challenge to overcome: special operations training that I did not see through. As I began the field work, I was recruited by another bigger purpose than that of the orders given to me by the Army- to join the clandestine service of the Central Intelligence Agency and become an operations officer. I know, I shouldn't be writing this, but what the hell- does the CIA or even the government of my country exist anymore? It was between Iraq and Afghanistan that I met Sarah. Sarah. The only calm and beauty in the storm of my own creation in my life. She is the only person that never made me question anything... never doubt anything. Being with her is as necessary and natural as breathing and I feel that even now just thinking about her. We married 6 months after meeting and a year after that, we had our son, Sean. She never once has asked me to stop what I do or give up my ambitions to that end. I do not know how lucky I became to find her in this world. And Sean. A bright eyed, intelligent little boy- far smarter than I ever was or will be- whose laugh melts my heart. I love the both with all that am. If you two in some way, some how get this- know that I will always love you. My service as an operations officer took me to familiar places at first. Recruiting and working assets from populations I had already been working with in the Army. As the 2010's rolled around, my team and I were tasked to work in Chenarus. To build assets and make inroads into influencing the political and military situation there in an attempt to keep things as even as possible given the volatile nature of a country rebuilding from a civil war. It was a rewarding and violent time for my team and I as we watched stabilization efforts lead to Chenarus allowing NATO bases in country even if the nation itself was wary of the silent push to join NATO. In 2016 those efforts changed suddenly as we became aware of Russian and Chinese efforts to kick NATO out of the country. Those efforts were not as... quiet... as ours had been and we found ourselves in the black moving against foreign agents fighting a proxy war within Chenarus. Those missions, those operations, those efforts became ongoing and relentless. This was all before the Outbreak of course. And that changed everything. The next mission was my only focus before the Outbreak. Little did I know it what was coming. Hotzones. Outbreak Sites. My team and I were in country before it was even known to be an outbreak of some kind of contagion... some kind of disease. As summer 2017 rolled around, our task was to evac our assets out of country as the government and military seemed to be crumbling. Our encounters with the infected on the receiving end of our 7.62 rounds had us convinced they were drugged or high. We gathered the assets. We got them out of country. We took down targets that got in our way. We moved to the next mission. But the next mission, and those after that, were the same. Sahrani, Taviana, Panthera, Lingor... and finally, horribly, Namalsk. Every island the same, each one worse than the last. Every mission successful, every mission leaving us worse for the wear... until Namalsk. Namalsk broke us. We could not have anticipated what awaited us there. What awaited the world. Only myself and Bishop got out on a run down fishing trawler. Only I made it back to the shores of Chernarus where it all began. I've known brotherhood thicker than blood. I've seen men and women sacrifice themselves so others can live. There must be a place I can find a semblance of order, of good, in this dying world. I can't believe all of humanity is doomed to either turn... or turn on one another for a can of beans. I want no part of cabals or gangs or followers of strongmen. I want peace... and I know that peace does not come without forceful endeavor. A quiet spoken older man still living in his home in Shakovka hinted at refuge in Livonia. Maybe I'll head there. And maybe, just maybe I can find a way to get back to Sarah and Sean.
  2. Thanks for the greeting, folks!
  3. Hi there folks, I'm Ubi and I came across your server and community looking for both that emphasize roleplaying. I'd love to pick your brains about the community dynamics and what you've found works the best (and maybe what doesn't.) Ubi
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