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  1. "Oh, how you, father above, have sung in grace only for such benevolently prolonged hymns to fall on ignorant ears. I ask, not out of question of your will, but for my brothers and sisters: spare those corrupted by Lucifer. I bear witness to, however blasphemous they may be, the bleeding hearts of your lands torture others and themselves, because they know not of your way - they know not what they do. Forgive, I plead selfishly to you who nobody else is more deserving of rest, forgive, once again as you have done so mercifully in the past." "No...?" "Of course, father. I understand my duty. The sinners will commence their atonement at once." "Guide my hand and be my witness, for justice is ever blind." Twenty-three years ago Vernon Selwyn was born into and nurtured through his role of the church, preordained by his father as a Cardinal himself. At a very young age, Vernon had become an auspicious disciple of the teachings of the Bible and Christianity, and had thereby gained the confidence of his priests who thrilled to teach a student with conviction, given his age. With continued ambition to spread the wisdom of Christ to those not given the opportunity to accept The Holy Spirit into their lives, Vernon was deemed fit to officially uphold representation of his church, now as a missionary. After a very promising initiation and further devoutly Bible study, Vernon along with his brothers and sisters had, in his early teens, successfully converted most of his family, neighborhood and class into his church's belief - otherwise faithless. However, whenever he was confronted with eventual failure in his best efforts, acceptance was sparse and Vernon grew ever more irritated at those outright ignoring and refusing the Lord himself. As a talented speaker, Selwyn would vent his dissatisfaction to the priests, brothers and sisters around him, with success in tapping into others frustrations - he managed to convince many of his fellow missionaries and friends brought in by him. The priests, less so. As lessons and prayers would turn into questioning of their practice and eventually, heated arguments, he soon found himself excommunicated and disowned at 19. This, coalesced with his already impatient mindset set Vernon off into a blaze. He was convinced that God had greater plans, just that the current state of Christianity couldn't see them with the insight he held valiantly. So, he rallied those who shared the same perspective and with a whirlwind of intense emotion and a spirit of devotion, Vernon Selwyn became a name of prestige. His scheme began slowly, entrusting those close to him and requiring a degree of secrecy about the inner functions and preparations to those in his inner circle. The following years, their isolation and reconfirmation of beliefs drove them deeper into derangement, opting to instill the will of the Lord through kidnapping and violence if words were unpersuasive. Vernon perceives the carnage in Chernarus to be the divine punishment of God, and has traveled alone across borders to aid God's will in any way possible - leaving command of his following to his inner circle. (W.I.P: The latter part of this character description is destined to be developed.)
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