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  1. Who do you guys think killed the king? I think it was the peter balish guy (I think that's his name anyways, the one who takes the stark girl on his boat). Either he did it or he helped setup/ pay for it to be done. I am pretty sure Tyrion is innocent. If they go with a twist I could see the kings mom/dad doing it.
  2. I was browsing around on youtube and watched some dayz videos by frankieonpcin1080p, which led me to watch some dayzrp videos by PhishTV and I was hooked!
  3. Long_d03

    [FANGS] The Gray Fangs (Recruitment Open)

    Thanks guys for letting me in as a recruit! I will not let you down!
  4. I played football back when I was in high school (American football). Now all I do is just lift.
  5. One time I got drunk and played madden NFL 13, The next day I had to buy a new controller because all I could find were the pieces. Now when I drink and game I drink responsibly
  6. Great vid that was hilarious. I never thought of the medical training with the blood bag so I will remember to keep that in mind!
  7. Long_d03

    [FANGS] The Gray Fangs (Recruitment Open)

    Fangs seems like a great clan! I am thinking about applying once I get my Day Z Rp working properly.
  8. Well, I enjoyed the 2nd Episode, Pretty happy with the ending. GoT is a great show but I do not like what happened with the Starks ha
  9. Hey guys, my name is Dylan, I am 20 years old and I am from the United States. I have been into Role playing since I was about 8 years old, I have been playing pencil and paper RPGs such as Rifts, Star wars, and Dungeons and Dragons and have never once broke character since I was probably 12. I really enjoy Role playing and I have both Standalone and Arma II day z mod and I would really like to join a serious Role Playing community. Different games that I have Role played on include, Jedi knight Jedi Academy, Star wars Battlefront II, Halo 3, Halo Reach, I hope the applications clear up soon because I am really excited to dive into DayZ Rp. I am a friendly player that is willing to help when able. Thanks for the opportunity and I hope I can meet you all in Russia!