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  1. One of the members, Decon received information from one of his informants about one of our members possibly betraying us so we ran from Nadbor to Toplin. I found Hector and then Hector and I found them and we took them hostage and moved them into a barn I had them strip then get against the wall. I lead the investigation I started questing them trying to get a confession out of them i forced them to see if they would crack I gave Decon a knife and said take me his two toes then Hector start talking to him one thing led to another Hector executed Kia then I hade him eat his friend's toes then start questioning him more he started giving us random info but then I was worried about leaving a witness I said we can take your tongue so he can't speak take his eye so he can't see or we could just kill him I told him and he said he rather I took his tongue but was still worried about leaving a witness so, in the end, we let the final decision up to Hector. Hector said like a prayer for the guy said something else then shot him. When we all left the building we said our goodbyes then left.
  2. Well ya we did not mean to cause any trouble we thought it was abandon so we did not want the nails to go to waist. To the guy who owned the base were sorry we really did not know it was still occupied. in are head at the time we really did not think anybody was living there it really looked abandon we did not want the nails to go to waist.
  3. We were traveling in the woods and fond a cabin surrounded by walls but one wall was unfinished so we walked in become we were curious we looked around there was nothing inside the base so we thought it was abandoned.
  4. name is Iris глаз , i am 28 years old; my family moved to livonia because of my father work i was born in chernarus but moved to livonia when i was yung.i am a ex-cop i lived to protect and serve. i rose through the ranks quite quickly but i was stuck behind a desk the day the apocalypses happened; Stupid paper work! You spend your whole morning removing the scum from the streets only for your good deeds to be the reason you couldn't of been out there helping your colleagues. Everyone fell so fast...All i remember is the terror; Everyone running and screaming in the streets! By the time it hit central town you couldn't tell the infected from the helpless. I'm not even sure half the people I've killed were zombies at this point! The phones were the first thing to go; Cell towers jammed and overloaded with people trying to get help! The hospitals became feeding grounds with the weak and the vulnerable slaughtered like they were just prime cuts of meat! I can't stay locked up in the police station i have one mission now; To survive. I'll remain peaceful as long as i have to; But force my hand and i will protect myself.
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