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  1. i dont see where this is in the launcher. i have a text box that says additional parameters but i dont have a check box that says profile name
  2. I was born in Chernarus but my parents were from the U.S. so i spent most of my childhood and teen years there. When i was about 20 i moved back to Chernarus for work. My job involved travelling between different cities and working small odd jobs. Before the outbreak i had been working as a dock worker for a few years, transporting goods from the different ports of Chernarus. I would take boats to the different coastal towns and help offload large quantities of goods for transport. When the "outbreak" first started Sylas was out on a ferry boat moving goods from one harbor to the next. Him and his crew had heard commotion over thier CB and handheld radios but most of it was just muffled yelling and static. When they came ashore they had started to realize the severity of the situation as the whole city was in chaos with what looked like corpses roaming the streets. Sylas' first thought what he had to do was to go find his immediate family, but with being so far from home and all the major highways being crowded he realized there was no driving to find them. The apocalypse was obviously a curse to not only Sylas but humanity, although he found some kind of good in it. People seemed to band together stronger, and those who didn't were easy to spot out and exile. He also had always dreamed of just going into the wilderness and living off the land and quitting his blue collar job.
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