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  1. This should keep me entertained for a good few hours.
  2. I have a 1.6 Waterwall and 1.5 Freewall.
  3. BobTheBeasty

    What languages do you speak?

    I can speak English, Latvian, Russian and I can say chips in German.
  4. 5.7? Fucking hell how'd you get that so fast?
  5. pm the IP? Could you upload me sum freewall?
  6. I may have hacked you like an hour ago. And put Syrnia.rip on me? I was wondering what it was. Yeah, you've changed your ip now right?
  7. I may have hacked you like an hour ago.
  8. These websites will tell you what each software does and where to get them. http://www.slavehack.com/includes2/inclu...8821&cat=6 http://www.marabon.com/slavehack/npc.php
  9. Thanks. He's making me money, but he keeps hiding all the stuff people put on there, including other IP's. All his hacking software is gone.
  10. This guy is already on my slave list, making me money. I'll delete all his files.
  11. http://www.slavehack.com/includes2/includes/forum.php?&action=viewtopic&topic=68821&cat=6 http://www.marabon.com/slavehack/npc.php Useful websites