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  1. [GAME] Guess the real name of the person above

  2. *The radio crackles to life as Papa Loui begins to tap the microphone before speaking in a strong Haitian accent* "Ta anybody listenin', this is Papa Loui! Good ta see ya everybody! Sadly, there's been a bit of a problem with the Fire. Ta anybody who cane to Stary in the last few days and saw me, or to anybody who would like to stop by for a quick visit and some R&R, I've got some news. The VDV threw me out of Stary and told me that I am not allowed to be north of tha Green Mountain. So, because of that, I am gonna be movin' my fire ta a rock formation near tha Skalisty Island that I've taken ta callin Paradise Rock! Just go out from the lighthouse on tha Krutoy Cap and dry off by tha fire once ya reach there. If this be too out of tha way for ya, just let me know and I'll move it again ta Chernogorsk! I look foreward ta seein you all!" *The transmission ends*
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  3. Rene Louis

    Born to Daniel Louis (Father) and Rada Louis (Mother), René was born into a very religious household. As is common in Haiti, they practiced Roman Catholicism through and through to the point that his father was totally involved in the Religious community of Port-au-Prince. However, they were not only Catholics from birth. Vodou, an old religion that is only actively practiced by 1 in every thousand people in Haiti, was practiced religiously in their household. Their house, as well as those of their neighbors, was renowned in Port-au-Prince as one of the few places where tourists could go to actually experience Vodou and its many practices. However, as with all Vodouists, most of the rituals were blocked off from the populous, restricted to the families who actually practiced the religion or who were committed to do so. So, in essence, René was raised as both a minister and a Houngan, a fact that he used to his advantage. Haiti, being a relatively poor country compared to the US had a much higher emigration rate than it had an immigration rate. One of those emigrants in the humble year of 1979 was René. He moved to Louisiana that year. Specifically, he moved down into New Orleans which had a very large Haitian population at the time. At this time, he took a job as a Pastor at the local church and still spent time practicing Vodou on the side as the two religions tend to carry a lot of similarities. After he grew into retirement age, he moved into the inner city of New Orleans and spent his time quietly selling religious products (like crosses) and Vodou-based tourist attractions (like fake shrunken heads and strangely painted skulls). One day, though, while practicing a minor routine ritual of placing offerings to the loa to defend his house from evil spirits and those with evil intentions, he heard a strange voice. Believing it to be the voice of his ancestors, he listened closely. The voice, though faint, told him that the world was in turmoil and soon, there would be a great disturbance occurring in Russia and Chernarus. René made it a point to listen to this "ancestor spirit" and immediately left for Chernarus. The rest is history.
  4. 1111=BeanZ perfection. Sorry Jamie, but I dunno if you're allowed to get any more!

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  8. Ooooh, italian! Ummmm.... Baguette/10 https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-152/
  9. Moxy Will Be In Europe ----

    What part of the continent are you going to?
  10. Probably got RDMed tbh. Logged in and immediately crashed. The last thing I saw was people raising their guns. #KoS #Ruleplay #I'mHarambe

  11. DayZRP 5th Anniversary!

    It all makes sense now. You don't care about people, you care about gear! KappaRP Happy 5th everybody
  12. Hobo Depot (Pre-lore wipe group)

    Ayup. That there's a good group, yup, mhmm. Got some of that good duct tape. Mhmm. No problems with Duct Tape. People like the Duct Tape, byeah
  13. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN [Open Freq/Cavaliers]

    *Westington, upon hearing the news, sits for what feels like forever in total stunned silence. Those passing him by get no response. I occasionally presses the push to talk and speak but nothing but silence and the occasional frothing of the sea comes through the microphone. That is, until he finally musters up the courage to speak a few words.* "Oh dear..." *Static fills the radio as Westington seems totally unable to actually come up with more words than that. Choking can be heard on the other side of the microphone as Westington chokes back tears. After about 10 minutes, Westington begins to speak quietly.* "You know... I had a gift for Ashford that I wanted to deliver... He lost his bible a while back... I found him a new one... I guess he'll never get it." *Westington sobs quietly before regaining his composure* "I could read it. Maybe it'll help his soul rest well knowing that we're thinking of him and all..." *He thumbs through pages and the fluttering of paper can be heard through the microphone* "So... Revelations has some words that I think are good here... I'm not really religious... he was always the one who knew just what to say... It says, "Blessed are the dead who die for the Lord... they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them." *Westington sniffles as he rubs his eyes* "You know... there's apparently a thing that you're supposed to do here... the Jews do something that I think would be a good idea. It's called Shiva. They sit around for a bit before the funeral and tell stories... L-let's do that... we'll make sure that, even if he's gone from this world, he will never be gone from our hearts. Blessed be the Lord Captain who died for his queen... he will rest from his labor, as his deeds will follow him." *The line goes silent, once more*