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  1. Since the breakout, Clive had spent most of his time with a notorious group of bandits known as the Black Hills Highway Brigade. With this group of cutthroat murderers he learnt to survive a harsh environment by any means necessary. With the recent death of their leader, the group was directionless, and eventually split into their own rogue divisions, none of which aligned with how Clive was used to running as a Brigade Commander. With nobody he trusted to watch over his shoulder anymore, he disappeared, just like old Ves' taught him. Sneaking alone through South Zagoria, avoiding the remnants
  2. Well THAT sucks. Was really looking forward to it ?
  3. I’m really only here after watching a Mr. Moon video and realised this is how I want to be enjoying dayz. I’m looking for an RP server on Xbox so hopefully there’s enough console players here to point me in the right direction.
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