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  1. Abel Foster

    Born 17th of January 1990 to Nolan & Isabel Foster, being the single child of the family. Making his way through life with his own morals and ways of doing things quickly got Abel into a lot of trouble both within school and home, eventually this led to him being thrown out of both his home and school when he turned 20. Living in an apartment he could afford to rent while working night shifts at a local gas station. Being tired of dealing with his life as it was Abel had the idea of moving to another country and simply disappearing from view for a few years and see what he could accomplish that way. After noticing the country of Chernarus due to its rising popularity as a spot for tourism, not really knowing why Abel decided that it might as well be the best place to start over and who knew he might actually enjoy the place more then he did his home. Joining up with a group of tourists he managed by the skin of his teeth to come up with the money required to join them and packed what little he owned before leaving with the group for Chernarus.
  2. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Well once more an awesome thing comes to DAYZRP, can't wait to run around the jungles after being initiated upon and screaming for my life as bullets drop all around me. Yay nerves!
  3. Crops Growth Fix ( Community Announcements - Life is Feudal (Bobik) Hey everyone, In this patch, we’ve provided a fix to the crops growth algorithm, which was not calculating growth as intended. It now works as intended; crops receive growth increment once sunny weather changes into the shower weather and vice versa. All other types of weather are not taken into account. It takes 4 incrementations before you see the result of the growth (model change). So let’s say that you have had the following weather in the last two weeks in game: Day 1: Sunny Day 2: Shower (+1 growth) Day 3: Shower Day 4: Sunny (+1 growth) Day 5: Shower (+1 growth) Day 6: Cloudy Day 7: Cloudy Day 8: Shower Day 9: Sunny (+1 growth, you’ll see green sprouts) Day 10: Shower (+1 growth) Day 11: Shower Day 12: Cloudy Day 13: Sunny (+1 growth) Day 14: Shower (+1 growth) Day 15: Sunny (+1 growth, you’ll see fully grown crops that can be harvested) After three more growth increments, fully grown crops will rot and disappear. So, as you can see, you need an ideal balance of sun and rain for your crops to grow faster. Spring and early Summer are the best seasons for crop growth, of course! Plus, after this fix, crops should grow significantly faster now. P.S. There are some minor tweaks to the skills progression speeds and stamina they spend. -The team Well seems like we might need a new server check/restart or whatever the GM's did when launched.
  4. Join the server Boys

    Been grinding professions and have now finally started on my furnace close to a rich Iron source. Life is good.
  5. Miscreated Discussion

    Well considering that in the lore the "current" year is said to be 2089 I am not sure but it is also said that there have been the "Final" war as also stated in the lore which went on for half a century. Within this war there have been the mass use of nukes and other high end kill everything weaponry. After the war the anti-rad vaccine that was made to help people survive the aftermath of all the nukes and other WMDs started turning people into the "Mutants" we see roaming around. So according to Lore and the in-game look the apocalypse is quite the years into the making. Also I have found crafted weaponry like the Crafted 9mm Pistol. Imo this wouldn't be something that would pop up early in the Apoc due to the abundance of guns and ammo that should still be in circulation. So if we go by that the war lasted 50 yrs and the current year is 2089 and the Apoc is at least a few years old due to the mentioning of the need for an anti rad vaccine due to all the left over "dirty" battlefields and isotopes and more science stuff. That and after the war the population was driven down to the 100 million and falling fast. So that the Apoc in terms of the mutants are probably just a few years old at most 5-10 but the "End-War" lasted 50 and the aftermath probably a few years as well.