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  1. While I can see this being a good step in having people actually care for their character beyond their own story arcs, it also has the problem if it should be a new rule or addition to the current rules that it will be abused. NVFL is something that personally seems to be a case by case basis (unless completely obvious). Sadly different people react differently to situations and that will always bring about different results. I do fear that if this is taken into effect that NVFL reports would become quite common, while this is not my main issue with it this leads into it. The main issue I see is that groups that have animosity towards each other or singular survivors even might just grab some friends and try to get the other side into a possible NVFL report with just the intent of getting that character perma'd.
  2. Ivekef

    I love the DayZ client

    Wow... Just wow, well if it is not invisible Zombies, then we have to fight the dreaded lag hit Zombies or the groundhog ones. Warranted rage and would react the same way. So about that 1.0 release yeah? (Why do I still like this game...)
  3. Born 17th of January 1990 to Nolan & Isabel Foster, being the single child of the family. Making his way through life with his own morals and ways of doing things quickly got Abel into a lot of trouble both within school and home, eventually this led to him being thrown out of both his home and school when he turned 20. Living in an apartment he could afford to rent while working night shifts at a local gas station. Being tired of dealing with his life as it was Abel had the idea of moving to another country and simply disappearing from view for a few years and see what he could accomplish that way. After noticing the country of Chernarus due to its rising popularity as a spot for tourism, not really knowing why Abel decided that it might as well be the best place to start over and who knew he might actually enjoy the place more then he did his home. Joining up with a group of tourists he managed by the skin of his teeth to come up with the money required to join them and packed what little he owned before leaving with the group for Chernarus.
  4. Ivekef

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    Well once more an awesome thing comes to DAYZRP, can't wait to run around the jungles after being initiated upon and screaming for my life as bullets drop all around me. Yay nerves!
  5. Crops Growth Fix ( Community Announcements - Life is Feudal (Bobik) Hey everyone, In this patch, we’ve provided a fix to the crops growth algorithm, which was not calculating growth as intended. It now works as intended; crops receive growth increment once sunny weather changes into the shower weather and vice versa. All other types of weather are not taken into account. It takes 4 incrementations before you see the result of the growth (model change). So let’s say that you have had the following weather in the last two weeks in game: Day 1: Sunny Day 2: Shower (+1 growth) Day 3: Shower Day 4: Sunny (+1 growth) Day 5: Shower (+1 growth) Day 6: Cloudy Day 7: Cloudy Day 8: Shower Day 9: Sunny (+1 growth, you’ll see green sprouts) Day 10: Shower (+1 growth) Day 11: Shower Day 12: Cloudy Day 13: Sunny (+1 growth) Day 14: Shower (+1 growth) Day 15: Sunny (+1 growth, you’ll see fully grown crops that can be harvested) After three more growth increments, fully grown crops will rot and disappear. So, as you can see, you need an ideal balance of sun and rain for your crops to grow faster. Spring and early Summer are the best seasons for crop growth, of course! Plus, after this fix, crops should grow significantly faster now. P.S. There are some minor tweaks to the skills progression speeds and stamina they spend. -The team Well seems like we might need a new server check/restart or whatever the GM's did when launched.
  6. Been grinding professions and have now finally started on my furnace close to a rich Iron source. Life is good.
  7. Ivekef

    Miscreated Discussion

    Well considering that in the lore the "current" year is said to be 2089 I am not sure but it is also said that there have been the "Final" war as also stated in the lore which went on for half a century. Within this war there have been the mass use of nukes and other high end kill everything weaponry. After the war the anti-rad vaccine that was made to help people survive the aftermath of all the nukes and other WMDs started turning people into the "Mutants" we see roaming around. So according to Lore and the in-game look the apocalypse is quite the years into the making. Also I have found crafted weaponry like the Crafted 9mm Pistol. Imo this wouldn't be something that would pop up early in the Apoc due to the abundance of guns and ammo that should still be in circulation. So if we go by that the war lasted 50 yrs and the current year is 2089 and the Apoc is at least a few years old due to the mentioning of the need for an anti rad vaccine due to all the left over "dirty" battlefields and isotopes and more science stuff. That and after the war the population was driven down to the 100 million and falling fast. So that the Apoc in terms of the mutants are probably just a few years old at most 5-10 but the "End-War" lasted 50 and the aftermath probably a few years as well.
  8. You only asked me once to put my gun away and stated no consequence if I didn't. Also I was never as you say "Pissed Off". I was slightly creeped out by your quick movements and that you raised your weapon at me several times before quickly lowering it and every time I asked you why, you simply went silent before starting another topic or returning to something we had finished talking about, when I started to leave you simply followed me and only continued to ask me why I was leaving in which I replied "You are creeping me out" and similar lines. It was only when I was backing away into the forest that you raised your weapon and killed me. During the whole encounter you never stated anything that could be taken as an initiation.
  9. Server and location: S2 NWAF Tents Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13:25 09.08.2016 Your in game name: Nicola Jorvich Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Not sure. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was looting the Tents up at NWAF when I spot a guy with full military gear and a red face mask entering the tents and we strike up a conversation. He acts suspicious through the conversation by moving back and forth while talking asking about my name and if I am with any groups or people, I dismiss his questions and he seems to go hostile so I say that he is creeping me out and I start leaving. All the while he follows me and continues to ask me why I am leaving and I tell him it is due to him creeping me out, when I start to back away into the forest he raises his gun at me and kills me. No initiations and no demands where made he just shot and killed me.
  10. Ivekef

    DayZRP 4th anniversary

    Well once more into the breach and hopefully we will all be here for the next one.
  11. The Network [TN] is now complete and no longer in W.I.P mode YES! Thank you all for your contribution. (Tons of Beanz and grats to Pevtsov) It is time to go to work Operatives!
  12. Well it is moving a long nicely, damn IRL stuff getting me side tracked GRRR! Any way added some more random info and did some slight changes to the rules, any way thanks for all critics and such etc etc etc. Stay awesome and stay RP!
  13. "Greetings potential contact, if you are receiving this then you have been selected for a membership within, The Network. Attached to this message is some standardized green level information about our organisation." Initializing... Green level clearance accepted... Information parcel downloaded... Opening file... Our organization known as the Network operate as a mercenary community, there are no leaders in the field when it comes to the operatives and each of them are an individual first and foremost. Our clients and brokers only have the authority to place out mission requests, as well as personnel requests. Our operatives are seen as assets to the Network, but when you stop being an asset you become a liability and the moment you become a liability you are removed permanently. The Network was founded in the winter of 1946 within the U.S.A by an unknown group of businessmen, mafia and government officials. It was to facilitate a network of disposable assets to be used in the advancement of the founders and to employ people with a vary degree of skills without the need for a governmental sanction or branch supporting it. In 1965 the organization had several setbacks due to in fighting and the loss of several founding members, mostly of the Mafia and government kind. This and a loss of available assets and work sent the rest into hiding leaving the Network offline until the 1980's. With the resurgence of the Network and the addition of a spokesman, business soon went back up and the organization expanded their efforts into Europe and certain areas of Africa. Keeping most of their work a secret to the average person in the disguise of different PMC's and other war related business practices the Network kept it self hidden for quite some time. This was all to change on the summer of 1998 when a rogue asset released countless files onto different media websites as well as different governments, this act brought light onto the shadowy organization of The Network being blacklisted in several countries and the loss of quite many of their owned PMC's and other businesses caused the Network to focus their movement in and around private clients as well as around hot zones and war zones to minimize the potential backlash again. With new regulations and protocols enacted and more agent individuality in place and the addition of the new Brokers to keep watch over different areas and being the only assets with direct links to the HQ's put the Network back into business once more. When the Chernarus Outbreak happened thirty five assets and several sleeper agents within the CDF and NATO where sent into the country to both asses the value and potential of this new Virus, with several secondary objectives to establish controlled regions and potential for the Network to rebuild the country as a secondary face if need be. Yet with the complete and utter chaos of the outbreak all assets except from a handful where reported KIA, MIA or Rogue. This has caused the remaining operatives to execute Red level protocol "Free Move!", this protocol is a recruitment and scavenging mission with the intentions of granting the regional assets a possibility of completing their mission or returning to a HQ for retrieval. • Those that form the bulk of the Networks assets are our operatives, they may come from all walks of life and all experiences. • From the war torn veteran to the civilian contractor, we have them all. • They operate as individual agents and have full authority when it comes to their pick in contracts and jobs. • Each branch or area that Operatives are sent to are controlled by Brokers and possibly clients. • It is the duty of the Operative to both chose their work and finish it as per the agreement. • Operatives are encouraged to not fight one another but it is understandable that conflict will arise. • Network does not punish the killing of fellow operatives if it happens under certain circumstances. These may range from being on different sides in a conflict or having a contract which will award only the one returning with the objective. • Operatives are encouraged to check in with the Brokers on a regularly basis to check on current events and what jobs/contracts/missions are available. 1. Never speak about the Network above level Green clearance with outsiders. 2. Do not take contracts/missions/jobs that is aimed to harm the Network organization. 3. Do not attempt to gain above Green level clearance knowledge about the clients or the brokers of the Network. 4. Always strive to be an asset towards the Network. When these Black level missions are made available it is due to an asset going AWOL and placing certain branches, clients and/or operatives under danger to such a degree that they are deemed a liability. Thus they are tagged with a "Wanted DEAD!" bounty and the return or the assets corpse a long with the standard issue equipment are needed to cash in the bounty. The sums for these missions are extremely high due to the potential complications it might make for the Network. Kagen Germogen , Lycan, Timeremortem Andrev Lupei , Broker 77, Ivekef Anatoly Pozdnyakov Phillip Bezowski, Bowman, ShadowX925 Connor Jelinek James Graham, Zulu , Graham Deckard Grimsdottier, Grim, The Marshal Jonathan Ferra, Splint, Pinkerton Pablo Hernandez Code: Country/Timezone: English Skills: RolePlay Experience: ArmA/DayZ experience: Background Story: Why do you want to join us: XML Thread work and graphics done by: Pevtsov & Ivekef.
  14. Tbh I would be thinking you would be more bothered about the strange elevations of the player numbers on each server.
  15. *Andrei aimed at the boar before his radio suddenly burst to life with a message, causing the boar to run off. Letting out a heavy sigh he ponders about his actions for a few moments before picking up his radio and hitting the talk button* "Firstly, thanks for making me lose my meal. Now there are two ways you could go around of curing the hides so that bacteria and decomposition will not be an issue. The first way of doing this is by letting the hide soak in a salt-water bath for roughly sixteen or so hours, the other way is to store it at low temperatures thus killing off any bacteria or such annoyances that would cause the leather to decompose. After that it is standard routine." After clearing his throat a few times and letting out a chuckle he pushed the talk button once more. "Also you might think of not using an open radio transmission next time. Good luck and stay safe."
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