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  1. his name is Moez last name Draoui he's 26 years old he was born and raised in Tunisia . He work for 4 years in his father's company untel one day he got arrested for drug traffecking, so his familly rejected him and diden't visit him when he was in jail for 6 years after he get out he never get back home not because he is guillty but because he was arrested by mistake and his familly diden't belive him . so he start walking throu towns in tunisia untel one day he got a message from his childhood friend Mohamed telling him about he will leave the country and making money next to medi in ukraine . so he dosen't have any thing in tunisia no familly no girlfriend so he accepted Mohamed's offer and he make the right pappers and he leave with him and a lot of friends too going for the same raison he did making money. after he got there he was so happy because he build a new familly brothers from other mothers they were happy for month untel one of the friends stole the money and run away to georgia . they decide to go after him but Moez decide to stay in ukraine and make more money because he promise his friend khaled how live in Livonia to take care of his familly untel he get back and he will be reworded . the problem is khaled diden't call him for a while, since the rumors of a deadlly virus in chenarus. Madrido kept sending money to khaled's familly as he promise but he is little worried about his friend how lost contact with so he send a message to Mohamed and told him everything and that he will go to Livonia to check on khaled ..
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