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  1. Christian was visiting Chernarus for a camping expedition for the new year. The date is January 2nd 2020 and christian is unboarding his plane into chernarus, All with nothing but a hiking bag and some basic equipment for his couple month long journey ahead. Christian takes his time getting ready to leave the airport. But something caught his eye on the way out. An older man collapsed along side with his wife! Christian witnessed two men in hazmat suits run up and cover the bodies and move them to a truck. Christian was in disbelief about what he just saw and had trouble processing what just happened. after slight denial christian got a taxi and headed to meet his local guide that could help him around town and show him where they would be taking this backpacking trip. On the way to meet the Local Guide nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Christian was able to go about everything normally for the next few days of planning his trip and supplies he needed for the couple month journey ahead. That weekend christian hopped on his bus to the northern part of the country as that is where his journey was to begin. after all this was back country backpacking with no civilization near by. On his way to Grozovoy pass he could see other watching new videos about the infection spreading but how it was going to be fine if everyone did their part. Christian was not worried and took a cat nap on his way up to the starting point. Only to be awoken by rain and bus brakes a couple hours later. Christian hopped off the bus in anger. after all the forecast was suppose to be decent. Sense he had the time he opened his bag to reevaluate his gear one last time before he took off into the wilderness. After he did a double check and made sure he had what he needed and grabbed his poncho out, he took off into the woods. All alone with nothing but his bag of gear and himself. But that was no big thing for christian as backpacking was his thing. He did it most of his life so what would make this trip any different? After a couple of weeks He decided it was time to make a call to his guide to let him know he was okay. Pulling out his satellite phone and trying to make a call he gets a unfamiliar tone. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. The line was disconnected. How could this be christian thought to himself. After a few more attempts of calling he gave up and tried to call family from the states. But all he got was another disconnected tone. After losing his marbles for a little while he came to the conclusion that the phone was broken and that they would send in a party for him if he doesn't make it back in time. Christian continued on his journey non the less. As time went on christian got further and further into his trip. 7 Weeks pass and he now is nearing his exit point. Christian hopes that his guide will be there and not angry that he couldn't keep in contact while hes been out. Christian makes it to the point and exits the woods only to be greeted by armed forces with their guns drawn and ready. They grabbed him and threw him into a truck and took him to a Quarantine zone. Christian began to frantically yell at them stating he is a foreigner and that he needs to leave and call his family. But the troops just laughed and scolded him. They told christian he is to not leave the country in fear that he might spread the frenzied flu. Christian wasn't happy and wasn't even allowed to call home. They took all his belongings as soon as they entered the camp and hasn't seen any of it sense. Weeks pass and people start attacking one another and the camp is adventually over ran by the infected and christian found himself a way out during all the commotion and found himself stranded in chernarus all alone.
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