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  1. Ok, i have downloaded the launcher, would that already have the MOD or will i have to install that too?
  2. Hello! I am Currently installing the RP mod launcher and i am looking forward to playing after 3 days of waiting. Just one question, i am very computer cautious, this is a safe download correct? Anyway definitely see you in Cherno - Joshua
  3. Joshua

    Who's Who?

    Ah, OK, i see what you guys are saying and yes i agree, i think it is better to find out yourself.
  4. Joshua

    Who's Who?

    Sounds like a plan to me!
  5. Joshua

    Who's Who?

    Hello! I just wanted to quickly go over some things, I needed to ask this question on my first thread and this question is: "Who is Who". Basically i just want to know who the Good, the bad and sort of neutral clans are.
  6. Hello! Yes, the white-list applications came back up and i applied almost as soon as i came onto my PC early this morning, i really hope that the application is accepted and can start RP-ing with this awesome community. Hopefully see you in Cherno - Joshua
  7. Ok thank you for help guys, i just got it from Dayz commander but thanks anyway.
  8. Is your Player ID the GUID. Sorry abot it i haven't been playing ARMA ,in general, for that long.
  9. Joshua


    Ok thanks for replying.
  10. Joshua


    Hello! I was wondering if anyone might have any information regarding the white-list and when people will be able to apply for the server, if anyone knows anything can you please reply - Joshua.
  11. Ok, I have checked through the rules so if i need any extra information, you will be first person i contact.
  12. Thank you for the luck and for the welcome
  13. Hello! I am currently waiting to apply to join DayZRP and i am looking forward to be hopefully joining this community. This is not my first RP experience however in my opinion it will be the most enjoyable and i am hoping to get in fairly soon. Cya in Chero - Joshua