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  1. Whitelisted after first application for my part. It was in the period just after Frankieonpcin1080p released his video on DayzRP... Took maybe a day or two to get it reviewed (don't remember exactly, yup, I have a fish memory, I'm pretty sure applications were closed and only donators could get reviewed too, it opened/closed every few days while I was collecting info on DRP). Has not been very difficult since I've done a lot of RP before on other games/metaverses, just needed to get the rules clearly and it was done. I spent like a day before sending it in though, first writing it, then rereading the rules on the website again, then rereading my version, trying to see if I hadn't missed something or badly worded it, tried to make my English as much understandable as I could too.
  2. Sounds like a very cool idea, would love to be a part of it Does the NFC need an electro-mechanic IC? I can fix vehicles, generators, radios.. Pretty much everything that has screws and is technically related to electricity/electronics and mechanics, as long as I have the tools and the means for it of course, I can RP that pretty well, since it's my irl job, my family and girlfriend calls me McGiver pretty often... Your toilet flushing system doesn't work well? I can fix it with a Christmas tree decoration. (I'm not kidding )
  3. Arcad Malarkey

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    Same here, even if irl I know how to handle a gun and take care of it (thanks to military service, though I didn't touch one for some time now), I stick to the bow and the axe and civilian clothes in DRP, depends on the character you're playing too, if you're RPing a guy that did never touch a firearm in his life, I wouldn't go with the ghillie suit and M4 60 rounds mags with custom picatinny rails and all this shit one month after the outbreak. But in the eastern europe countries, most men 20+ have the basic experience about combat, the main cause : Military service is still in place or just recently has been removed and the army "professionalized", I'm 23 years old (close to 24) and my "born year" was the last to be called for the service, since I've been a bad student, I've been gone to the army, which wasn't a bad thing, learned a few things, had some shitty and good times as well.
  4. Now I understand why I kept going in circles... -.-
  5. Arcad Malarkey

    I'm back

    Welcome back and have fun!
  6. I read everything professor, I swear Thank you for writing that up :-)
  7. It's why I stick with the Bow and the Axe for the lulz, somebody robs me i'll be like "No need to rob me for chrissake, you can have what you want" Anyway, initiating on the type of players that don't have much of a thing, can still bring good RP, i'm sure somebody will rob me only for my Cowboy hat. Hahah.
  8. You're moved "behind" because some people donate or either write longer applications. Extracted from the FAQ : Q: How long does it take to have my whitelist reviewed? A: It is hard to say because it is determined by many factors as your forum rank, your forum activity, admin activity, length of the current queue and of course quality of your application. Depending on those waiting times can range between a few hours and multiple days.
  9. DayzRP, cat videos site now, rofl, welcome anyway
  10. Rasputin Kvass is something like "Kwas Chlebowy" in Poland, it contains a very little amount of alcohol (need to drink like 10L to feel the effects of a beer), it's done by fermentation of bread, I like drinking it occasionally, but it makes me want to puke after some time, the taste is very strong and the bubbles make your belly to growl, I don't recommend drinking a lot of it. By the way, Kwas/Kvass means "Acid".
  11. Would be good if we could cook things just like that : Like 99% of people just do that pretty often in Eastern Europe, personally I've done it in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine several times with other people, and it tastes well too, they don't do only sausages, there's chuck steak's too for example