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  1. Pugzii


    Hi All! I registered and played DayZ-RP back last year and loved it. Some unfortunate events happened in my life and I had to retire. I am now back and glad to be back in the commmunity! Am I still white-listed etc? Thanks all!
  2. It was alot better early-on
  3. Yeah there will be about 3 from my flat and then 2 more but they are not attached to this IP so it will not be an issue. We will just register via WI-FI at Starbucks Looking forward to applying and getting in-game. Thanks guys. PS: Which admin should I forward the list of players who will come from this IP to?
  4. Amazing responses guys thanks alot! Great idea Toorrik! We can always pop down the road to starbucks
  5. My friends are unable to register though.
  6. Greetings! I play from my University halls in the UK. I have flat mates who also want to play but they will obviously be connecting from the same IP (500 or so of us are linked via the same static IP) Will this be an issue? Matt
  7. Hey guys, I am happy to have been introduced to this community. I am a long time lover of RP and used to be a long-time player of Sahrani Life in the ArmARPG.com days. I love DayZ and have always wanted to play a sub-version of the mod with more strict rules and fellow roleplayers.. I cannot wait to get involved with this community and look forward to meeting many of you!!