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  1. Twitch and the DayZRP community are two separate entities and really should be treated as such. As it has been pointed out, all admins have access to the whitelist applications even after they have been approved. If you can't seem to trust the morals of a longstanding and trustworthy admin who happens to be a streamer, surely you can trust the entirety of the admin team, no? Personally I find what you are insinuating here, even if you are tiptoeing around it, to be insulting.
  2. Yeah, hopefully I see you around
  3. As many of you have noticed, my activity within staff lately has been lackluster as most of my focus has gone into streaming. Being that this is unfair to the other members of my team, I have made the decision to step down and make room for someone who can devote more of their time to the duties of staff. Make no mistake that I loved my time in staff and I do this with a heavy heart but I fully believe this is the right thing to do. I would like to thank Rolle and the admin team for giving me this opportunity. It was truly a great time in my life to be working alongside you and the rest of the staff, both old and new. You all are truly like a second family to me and I hope there are no ill feelings towards me for this decision and for the reasoning behind making it. And to the community, I can only hope that I have done right by you all and have done my job to the best of my ability in your eyes.
  4. My character has never killed anyone or even harmed another survivor physically. Even with the biters, she feels bad after killing them even though she knows its what she needs to do. Hey, they were people too!
  5. Alright guys.. DayZ like usual? or do I go fight dragons on Skyrim?
  6. Tonight's the night everyone!!!! I made my second goal of 500 followers and now it's time for some fun! I promised that because of my passionate hatred of sharks, I would stream DEPTH to celebrate my milestone. We'll do this for a good hour until we get the giggles out before I switch to DayZ and the real fun begins! For the rest of the night, I will be doing giveaways in the form of wishlisted steam games up to the value of 20 bucks per winning follower. Cool right?? Well you can only win if you're a follower, so hop by now and hit that button. I aim to start in about an hour!!
  7. Getting in game soon. Some regular DayZ to start out, then maybe some RP
  8. I'll be going live here soon, gonna play some regular DayZ.