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  1. I found out about this community from a friend of mine. He is an active member on DayZRP and all he would do is talk about the things that has happened him on the server. He talked about the friends he has made, the people he has met, the close encounters, being tortured, holding people up etc etc. The more he told me about it the more I wanted to play it and here I am.
  2. Just home from work after a ten hour shift and I see that I have been accepted. Hours of RP ahead!
  3. Cheers guys. My application has been submitted. Now to sit back and wait.
  4. Well, I live in Belfast. Graduated from QUB with a degree in History and Politics. (Which has got me no where ) Currently work for a chain of bookies as an audio assistant. (Temporary) Massive Sports fan (F1, NFL, Football, GAA, BTCC, etc) My day changes all of the time. Today I have no shift at work, tomorrow I work from 8-6, the day after 12-6, then off for 3 days etc. So I have no structure and I just take it as it happens but the one thing I do ensure is that I have several hours of gaming time everyday.
  5. Hey folks, my name is Cathal and I hail from the Emerald Isle. I'm 24 and I have been gaming on close to two decades. I've owned Sega's, GameBoys, Playstations 1,2 and 3, Xbox 360 and of course PC. I have played many role playing games including World of Warcraft etc but my primary RP experience actually comes from Minecraft. I helped run a multiple playing server that had role playing elements and it gave me an interesting insight to both sides of RP, the organising and administration (and the challenges that come with it) and of course playing it. Why have I joined DayZRP? Well, my friend ConorXd (DayZRP Username) has been talking to me about this community for months. He told me stories, showed me videos and the more he told me about it, the more and more I wanted to play it as the people he described sounded like interesting, mature and fair players, the exact type of people you want when talking about RP. I couldn't for a long time though due to Uni, work, money etc etc the usual list of things that get between someone and something fun. That's all changed. I'm graduated, working and I now have the time to actually dedicate to RP. I look forward to playing here and getting to know people.