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  1. -User was warned for this post-
  2. I mean, if anybody thinks preventing a kos in a video game is worth $25 they are delusional. I mean how much self importance can rp give you? Its kinda crazy. 25 real dollars so people don't get killed in a video game and have to re gear? Really? Honestly laughable. As far as to the people saying "how are you going to ensure people don't troll or Kos" Probably just..ban them again? Its not that big a deal ya know?
  3. @Burgz You don't get your money back, you get "credit". If you got your money back I would have no issue. Then you make a bit from the trolls who deserve to get ripped off but people who aren't appealing just to troll don't get fucked in the ass by a price gouge like that. Honestly not sure if this is just greed or Rolle truly lacks any self awareness at all.
  4. lol "give us money and if you don't get banned again you won't get it back, but your name will change color" Rolle at it again with that cash grab...Jesus fucking christ.
  5. There are people in the past who have done things way way worse than most of the people in the last 48 hours, there is honestly no good reason to exclude those in the past 48 hours from the fresh start except maybe some serious salt or butthurt, just saying. Again complete lack of any consistency whatsoever has seem to become the norm rather than the exception around here.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Rules unclear/contradicted Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was recently given points unfairly for posting in Dax's staff feedback thread. I posted a positive feedback that was far more than "+1 m8", and gave specific feedback on what I thought he did well when helping me out the other day. After the fact I saw the new rules about pats on the back, and I could go into all the issues with not allowing any positive feedback here, but I won't. I will say that I think there is a big difference in positive feedback and simple pats on the back. Positive feedback is just as important as pointing out negatives, as it helps to enforce positive behavior in addition to reducing negative behavior, this is a pretty simple concept I feel. Furthermore, the wording of Dax's feedback thread which I read before posting says "Here you can leave feedback good or bad" This led me to believe that as long as the feedback had some content and was constructive (not just a pat on the back +1 m8) it was welcome in his thread. This is pretty misleading and I don't really think points in this situation are at all justified. I have never gotten a single warning point on DayZRP and it seems a little ridiculous that I would break that record for positive staff feedback. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of warning points What could you have done better?: Been a bit more informed before posting in the new staff feedback thread or asked a staff member for help.
  7. Going to be starting a stream in about 5-10 minutes, come check it out
  8. Missed you too much. Notice me Rampai
  9. About to start streaming in about 10 or 15, come check it out!
  10. ^basically this. ^case and point If we shouldn't voice any concerns publicly whats the point of this thread?
  11. About to start up again on DayZRP, come check it out. twitch.tv/basoon91
  12. The issue is in my experience (its been a while) A lot of reports get comments from a lot if not almost all the Mods+ as they generally all look at thread notes and contribute their notes if what they think isn't already written. I'm guessing if your suggestion happened and they really included all who discussed it at all, every report would list almost all of staff.
  13. This is awesome. Dusty you should sing in game more often
  14. Been a while, but i'm gonna be streaming some dayzrp soon if anybody wants to stop by. Link in OP
  15. I know I probably make entirely too many of these, but I guess I may come back and check it out for a bit. How much fun I used to have on the server keeps bringing me back, I'm sure if I find that much again I'll be back for awhile. Anyway, hello hello.
  16. Something something wow really? Something something what a great move staff.
  17. Love the page, the song, the art. All awesome. Maybe running into Dave won't be so unrealistic a goal in the near future.
  18. Nice concept. Cards look awesome also.
  19. sarting a stream now guys.
  20. Looks great, so glad to be a part of this group!
  21. ^ wow, using her grill powers? Send it here instead buddy ^
  22. Dave sits alone in a small house out of the way. His open bible sits on his lap, but he is not reading it. He sits and listens. He hears the breeze in the the trees outside, and the sound of an infected shambling by the house. In the distance he hears a single shot. Maybe somebody killing an infected, or maybe sending them self home from this Hell. Dave closes his eyes and allows himself to slip into the past. It is a warm Sunday evening in late October. Dave sits on the porch of his home, looking out over wheat fields blowing in the light breeze. He looks to his right as his wife sleeps on his shoulder. He lowers his face to her amber hair, inhaling deeply and savoring the smells of fall. In two weeks time he be leading 30 people from all over the state out of this country and on a missionary trip. These two weeks would be the last he spends in Tennessee. A short burst of automatic gunfire in the distance pulls Dave back to the present. Alone in this house, burning a single candle and sitting. "Why did I even come back? Why did I think it would be any different at all? Its all just as fucked up, still no way to find safety, or worse keep those I care about safe....Hell I can't even keep them safe from themselves let alone others." The magnum riding in the holster feels heavier than ever against his chest. Its barrel beckons him like a soft pillow on a cold night, promising to send him back to Tennessee, where he could feel the southern wind, and smell the scent of his wife's hair.
  23. Gotta give massive props to everybody I was with tonight, but especially Dress. Holy shit man, Danny Knoville may be my new favorite character. P.S. no, you may not do any plowing of fields.
  24. About to stream some more of Dave Harrington's story, come check it out, hopefully get interesting.
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