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  1. DayzRP's dead. Move to VineRP

    There are people in the past who have done things way way worse than most of the people in the last 48 hours, there is honestly no good reason to exclude those in the past 48 hours from the fresh start except maybe some serious salt or butthurt, just saying. Again complete lack of any consistency whatsoever has seem to become the norm rather than the exception around here.
  2. What We Can Do

    I didn't do it to flaunt it in everyone's face and say," Hahah I'm Staff, look at me, I can do shit you can't." ^ You may not have said that, but the fault in this matter doesn't really lie with you, it is with those above you, those who talk about consistency across the board but then bull this kinda bullshit. Rolle giving you permission said EXACTLY that to every single member of this community.
  3. What We Can Do

    So apparently consistency means ban some people who post something that isn't actually a penis, but defend others when they literally have a penis in their photo because reaons..... Glad to see staff is still just as bias as I remember them. *edit* to be clear I don't think Hallows should be banned, but if the others did in staff's opinion than have consistency for Christ sake.
  4. What We Can Do

    TIL if you get permission CP is okay if Rolle says so. "permission" must magically make NSFW photos SFW huh? I thought he was banned because Rolle said he didn't want NSFW photos on the forums, not because he didn't as permission.
  5. What We Can Do

    Is anybody happy that these guys got banned? If so honestly what the fuck.... RIP to a lot of the people who were among the best this place had.
  6. Basoon's Stream [Online]

    Going to be starting a stream in about 5-10 minutes, come check it out
  7. Well, another try

    Missed you too much. Notice me Rampai
  8. Basoon's Stream [Online]

    About to start streaming in about 10 or 15, come check it out!
  9. Staff Feedback

    ^basically this. ^case and point If we shouldn't voice any concerns publicly whats the point of this thread?
  10. Basoon's Stream [Online]

    About to start up again on DayZRP, come check it out. twitch.tv/basoon91
  11. Staff Disclosure

    The issue is in my experience (its been a while) A lot of reports get comments from a lot if not almost all the Mods+ as they generally all look at thread notes and contribute their notes if what they think isn't already written. I'm guessing if your suggestion happened and they really included all who discussed it at all, every report would list almost all of staff.
  12. Community singing thread

    This is awesome. Dusty you should sing in game more often
  13. Basoon's Stream [Online]

    Been a while, but i'm gonna be streaming some dayzrp soon if anybody wants to stop by. Link in OP
  14. I know I probably make entirely too many of these, but I guess I may come back and check it out for a bit. How much fun I used to have on the server keeps bringing me back, I'm sure if I find that much again I'll be back for awhile. Anyway, hello hello.
  15. Uh oh

    Something something wow really? Something something what a great move staff.