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  1. Gibby Lopez, born and raised in the inner cities of Los Angeles on June 7th, 1993. During his childhood, his father Jose Lopez was in and out of jail and his mother Maria was mostly alone trying to raise him and his sister Vanessa. At the age of fourteen, Gibby’s father was shot and killed in front of his house because of gang violence from the petty street criminals. After that incident, Gibby started to drift more down the wrong road and ended up going in and out of juvie. At the age of sixteen, Gibby dropped out of school and started to make ends meet to help provide for his mother and younger sister. Gibby would do a range of working for gangs and selling drugs to kids his age. At seventeen Gibby met a young fellow named Trevon James. He and Trevon became close friends and started doing everything together. Eventually, as they became older, they formed an organized crime group in the city of Los Angeles. They named this new group the Top Hats. The Top Hats started to rise up and started to take over the streets, eventually, they started to expand across the country and eventually started working with the Five Families in New York, however later seemed to grow a liking for a boss named Vito Moltisanti and they worked together with him for years. In recent years Trevon Wanted Gibby to go over to Chernarus on May 17th, 2019 before Trevon sends a team over there to start setting up operations. He was tasked to oversee and look for opportunities for the Top Hats. Eventually, Gibby told Trevon to send over a few members to start setting up the Top Hats in this country too. While he was there he started to hear about the Flu turning people into rabid creatures, but didn’t really think about it. The virus seemed to get worse and everything started to shut down. He looked out of his window and saw the city in chaos. Now, this is where his story begins now.
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