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  1. We aren't officially together, but we have a job with them. We're security for all of their trading outposts. Thanks! Much better thread coming soon.
  2. Thanks! That would be great if you could do some titles, my artwork skills are not the best.
  3. Def posted this on accident, will be updated to what it should be soon; most of this is placeholder never meant to be seen by the public.
  4. Blackrock Mercs “Looters become looted, while time and tide make us mercenaries all.” Lore Evan Pitsch and Andy Silver after their adventures down south, decided that there was no money in gun running, and what else can criminal gun runners do? Shoot guns! After witnessing the fall of Zelenogorsk and the total collapse of a civil Chernarus, becoming contracts for hire just seemed like the right idea. As Mercs, they traveled around taking all kinds of small jobs from holding someone up, to kidnapping. As they traveled around they made both friends and enemies alike, eventually forming a tight knit group of dedicated veteran soldiers willing to follow them to the ends of the earth. As long as there's money in it for them of course. A base of operations was established deep within the forest, and contracts begin rolling in. As this group grew, this group of Mercs took bigger and bigger jobs, slowly growing in ranks and power. After so long that group of two lowly Mercs turned into a formidable fighting force of veteran soldiers, trained in the art of war. They were a proper fighting force, worthy of calling the Blackrock Mercenaries. Now they roam the land of Chernarus, looking for contracts to fund their group growing. Rank Hierarchy -Commanders- Evan Pitsch Andy Silver -Lieutenants- Austin Kost John McLaughlin Rick Remington -Quartermaster- Austin Kost -Recruitment Officer/Manager- Rick Remington Senior Contractors: (empty) Contractors: Marc Winters Spencer Clark Goals -Ease the lives of other survivors by performing contracts for them -Provide members within a base of operations, with contracts to keep them busy with pay -Keep members well equipped -Stay relatively friendly with other groups -Assist those in need of loot gathering, info gathering, observation, protection, or taking care of other survivors OOC We wanted to form the group of the Blackrock Mercenaries to keep a balanced group in Chernarus. We don't want another bandit group being added in, but we don't want to follow the route of a hero group. So, we decided to make a group that would mutually benefit those who interact with the group, and the group members. Thus, we formed a mercenary group. We aim to bring a constantly in depth gameplay experience in DayZRP. We have several ranks, which allow personal progression for each person. Roles of maintaining the base of operations and performing contract jobs will also be thrown in. We plan to test each person to assess which roles they can take on to maximize their effort in the group. We want to provide a tight-knit, loyal group of Mercs that want to fulfill contract jobs to the fullest while making maximum loot. Dedication and serious RP is required. We want to keep as in the DayZRP realm as possible. We want your actual DayZ hard skills to be presented to be used in the group, and we want serious reolplay to be brought forth to keep everyone focused. We will harshly punish those who cannot be fully serious; we don't have space in our team for relaxed RPers. Services -Protection (bodyguards, base protection, etc) -Escorting Via Vehicles -Kidnapping -Torture -Robbery -Medical Services -Supply Runs -Extraction -Reacquiring Lost Goods [Payment would be valued at the formation of the contract] Apply Recruitment is currently being setup, please bear with us. [WIP post, the overall layout and artwork will be heavily updated soon]
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-s1-avoidance-of-bad-rp-no-value-for-life-combat-logging-grand-theft-auto?pid=650445#pid650445 Why the verdict is not fair: First things first, I'll explain exactly what happened from my point of view. I ran past the guys, and while they were shooting the zombies, I hopped in their car. As I was driving away, they obviously shot at me. When I left the airfield, the CTC tried to stop me, so I hid the UAZ in the forest. I was then kicked. I thought this was because of my internet connection again, as I have been disconnected many times beforehand on many games because of my terrible internet. I had some things to do around my house, so I thought that might've well been my stopping point. I did not realize then that it would look like I was just trolling. I did not have the intentions of trolling, BadRP, or any other malicious gameplay. So, I did not combat log, but I did perform BadRP, unintentionally. I've been trying to get into the swing of DayZRP, but that isn;t an excuse for breaking the rules, so for that; I apologize to the Loremasters, and I apologize to the players involved. Even if I do not get unbanned, I want them to at least know it was unintentional, and I apologize. Quick Edit: I have received word that I did in fact combat log; The fact that i was disconnected after committing a hostile action, and not reconnecting is in fact combat logging, and I apologize yet again for my stupidity. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I apologize. If unbanned, I will definitely not make the same mistake.
  6. Thank you for the explanation, I thought I was going insane.
  7. Is it possible for your account to be deleted due to inactivity? Because I looked back all the way to my old "Hello" post, and that's where I found my username. I used my usual password, and it logged in... My mind is being bent.
  8. Hm, that's weird. I played for a bit in February I think... I even have a post from back then. This is very strange.
  9. Wazzup.... I played a bit a few months ago, haven't been on since (life, ugh). But I'm back in black now, with a new character and a fresh start. Who's shooting in Elektro?