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  1. wow very old timey 8/10
  • Tricked into purchasing farmland in the valleys of Chernarussia accidentally by his cousin, Oscar is now stranded in South Zagoria and is fated to survive in any way he can.
  • Lucas had it fairly decent early on in his life, his parents were financially settled. As much as a middle class family with one child could be which led to the purchase of Lucas' camera one Christmas day. Finding his passion for photography took him by storm as he didn't particularly have any preference of what filled the memory card of his camera. Even some of his high school teachers were impressed with his ability with a camera as he passed most of his assignments with flying colors. During his college days he read of the ongoing conflict in Chernarus and the lack of coverage that had been developing from there. He got in touch with one of his previous photography teachers that had previous ties to the United Nations and soon enough, representatives got in contact with Lucas and proposed a deal to fly him over as a member of the press, unfortunately in the craziness of the unfolding events which led to the outbreak, Lucas has since remained stranded in Chernarus, fated to fend for himself.
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    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Makes me feel like I have to make another sacrifice. 9/10
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    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    wow is very nice. 9/10
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    please dont cyber bully me bye lol bye lol bye lol bye lol bye lol bye lol bye lol bye lol
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    What's up boys and girls, i'm leaving for a while. RP has just honestly lost it's spark and I can't be arsed to get ingame anymore, anyone who wants to talk to me knows where to find me. To everyone who's my friend, stay classy tbh. Later Gators.
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    Failed Robberies Thread

    ???????? What was he thinking?
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    Took a break from fight the Allied Shinobi Alliance To Send you A Very Important Message


    1. lunathecat


      Omg yes.

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    embedding images or video not working

    Scuffed website tbh
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    Are you gender assuming?
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    I've been slithering around lately

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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Chernobyl

    You ain't real unless you play COP: Misery Mod
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