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  1. please dont cyber bully me bye lol bye lol bye lol bye lol bye lol bye lol bye lol bye lol
  2. What's up boys and girls, i'm leaving for a while. RP has just honestly lost it's spark and I can't be arsed to get ingame anymore, anyone who wants to talk to me knows where to find me. To everyone who's my friend, stay classy tbh. Later Gators.
  3. ???????? What was he thinking?
  4. Took a break from fight the Allied Shinobi Alliance To Send you A Very Important Message


  5. Akrasia

    Are you gender assuming?
  7. You ain't real unless you play COP: Misery Mod
  8. Just read it outloud, slowly and carefully. You'll find it, it's there.
  9. Honestly, give his beanz back or i'm telling the teacher.
  10. what are you

    1. DickSlide


      I'm me.