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  1. Pasta


    You can also just go to myanimelist.com if you're on the computer. It's basically IMDb for anime.
  2. Pasta


    As everyone seems to just be talking shonen, Mob Psycho 100 is both the most well written and most critically underrated shonen anime of all time. Also Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is amazing, though it's not shonen. The name doesn't indicate how deep and meaningful the show actually is.
  3. Honestly i wouldn't mind if the cold in general was turned up. You're supposed to be RPing a zombie apocalypse, being forced to stop situations for environmental survival reasons is the name of the game. I find it really unrealistic you can run around in just a shirt in Chernaurus and be fine at midnight. Conversely, i also think there should be more ways to warm up and keep dry than currently exist, but they shouldn't be easy things you can do at the drop of a hat.
  4. Regular bicycles too. Give ways to get around for people who can't sustain and hide a full car but can work with smaller vehicles. Adds a lot of rp potential for traders and interaction with distant groups when simpler vehicles are around.
  5. Pasta

    Darker Nights

    I'd appreciate nights that are dark enough that road flairs and nvg have a use, but not so dark that you can't navigate at all without them. Please don't make them as dark as some hardcore servers where you literally can't see anything except the ground beneath your feet and navigation is you staring straight down at the road while you walk forward, but i would appreciate enough darkness that you can't for example see a zombie hidden in a door or bush a 200 meters away. Then setting up flairs and such has a real reason other than mostly rp.
  6. *Hearing a the message over the radio, he picks up his radio and speaks.* "Haven't seen a human in weeks. Chernarus is dying, and i'm not sure how much longer i'll be able to survive like this. I'm currently hold up in Zaprudnoe, planning on making my way to Serverograd. Maybe I can stop by after I refill on medical gear. Stay strong. *His radio goes silent.*
  7. Hello everyone, recently joined, just white listed. Hope to meet some of you in Chenaurus soon. Quick question (I don't know if this is the area for newbie questions) do I need to create a character on the site before joining the server?
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