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  1. You can literally jog from them and they can't hit you. If you die to infected then I dunno what to tell you
  2. 1c4858da5a.png.73ba2d0bb10a2ef0d9f2daeedd346747.png

    RP vaccinations are important. See www.nhs.uk for more information. 

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      seal of approval

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      vaccines cause ... OOC? :AntiVaxerLogic:

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      Clyde got vaccinated

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      Dab on autism

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  3. Hello, non-staff member but person with a decent amount of common sense here. I didn't read any of the replies because text walls about a minuscule, irrelevant report bores me. You should set, for example, shadowplay to record whatever you think will provide enough context in case of a report. Alt + F10 hotkey bind is really close to the Alt + F9 hotkey bind so why not just start recording before a situation and end after, if you know it's going to happen. For example, if you're initiating. Video evidence providing context and the incident is all that is required. If anyone would like common sense tutoring, please let me know.
  4. Fantastic work Nozzy, this is good to listen to whilst I do yoga
  5. I appreciate the intelligent response, raider AndreyQ!
  6. I agree with Redsky, they are quite rare and tend to only occur with large, gear hoarding groups! The new players that stay in small 2 or 3 person groups are usually the most realistic when it comes to building their cute little bases
  7. Say as a community member, I reach out to the other community member with evidence of the error and ask that they remove it and they do not. I then pass that onto a good, hardworking GM and they deal with at their own discretion. That should cut out the work to leave GMs more space for their reports etc. No?
  8. You can also just not build a gate that's breaking the AOGM rule. Once you build a gate and see it's fucked, you can break it down and build one that isn't. Pretty self-explanatory solution to a very simple equation but I can simplify it for you. Gate breaks AOGM by clipping badly through other gates. Remove gate + place where it doesn't clip = Good Gate breaks AOGM by clipping badly through other gates. Remove gate + cannot place it where it doesn't clip + decision to not place gate there = Good Gate breaks AOGM by clipping badly through other gates. Do not remove gate + blame it on game = Bad Edit: I use the term breaks AOGM because like @andysuter said, it cannot physically happen. Bit stupid to look at, easily fixed.
  9. Gates that when opened clip into other gates should be AOGM as it breaks my fragile immersion seeing 7ft high wooden gates phase through eachother. An example would be the gates at the prison on Livonia. They all clip through each other pretty badly. @GaryCash's gates on the prison on Chernarus was a good example of how not to AOGM. The ladders on the other hand are kinda fucked. With some work they would be perfect but that would require a good dev ( @Kerkkoh pls )
  10. Every single person that watches a twitch stream is the same as the streamer. An absolute nerd with nothing better to do. Don't be nervous around your own kind, you'll be fine
  11. Fabulous work GM Elmo. Very proud 

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      Sometimes I have good days

  12. @AndreyQ and I would make good guests
  13. yeop the bais

  14. Chin almost as huge as mine
  15. Doesn't make sense for your character to travel such a vast distance instantly so I +1 for cool down. Just make a separate character for either map if you don't want a cool down
  16. Bahahahahaha 

  17. I've seen plenty of screenshots of people saying they'll refuse to RP with me. Good way around it is try to take them hostage and apply a simple formula or two. Formula 1: Initiate hostilities + non-compliance = Free stuff Formula 2: Initiate hostilities + compliance + obvious OOC salt = Free stuff + ability to laugh about them being salty Formula 3 (my personal favourite): Initiate hostilities + compliance + obvious OOC salt to the point that they do not comply with my demands and get executed = Free stuff + ability to laugh about them being salty + report for the whole community to laugh at them Refusal of RP doesn't just make you look bad but it makes big baddies like @AndreyQ want to shoot you
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      cheemsburger mi amigo? 

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  19. Poggies!

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      Kevin Hart Laughing GIF by Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud

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  20. Looks delightful, good luck kids!
  21. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Poggers Poggies! This group looks pog can't wait to see how poggers it is! Pog!
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