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    Happy birthday you wee skeg demon
     i love you GIF

    1. burRP


      love you ugly bastard

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    I'm Back

    Glad you're back wombat warrior Ooga blogs slide on da soap
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    Vultures Media Thread

    @APositiveElmo rest in peace
  4. Kordruga

    CLIP OF THE MONTH - Campfire Stories

    Disclaimer: My campfire bugged out a bit
  5. Kordruga

    Vultures Media Thread

    @AndreyQ Ivan Bernarus the absolute G
  6. Kordruga

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    o7 A group that proved to the server that the RP lads can provide good, in-depth and goal following RP. Congrats boys, it's been sick
  7. Kordruga

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I love internal, what do you mean ! --- Enjoyed the RP in Lopatino today! Some good ol' politically charged justice
  8. Kordruga

    Should automatic weapons be harder to find?

    I agree with this. ARs should be more rare than they are.
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    Tiocfaidh ár


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    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    Looks sick lads, enjoy
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  12. Kordruga

    Lower Character Cooldown

    @Rover Maybe I'm blind and didn't see that, got a link to where it's mentioned?
  13. Kordruga

    Lower Character Cooldown

    Hello, roleplayer and hated community member Kordruga here. Because of Deer Isle and many people playing alternate characters for the second map, could the character cooldown for switching active characters be lowered. Would allow for easy switching to play on Deer Isle on an alt without having to wait for ages
  14. Knievel Nivek "Dirtbike racing extraordinaire" - Chernarus National Post Achievements Chernarus national champion in freestyle and motocross 2007-2013 Once jumped the Novigrad city hall for a crowd of five thousand spectators. 30% of those spectators were Niveks Backstory Knievel Nivek was born in Novigrad. Like the rest of the Niveks, he had a fun and interesting childhood filled with competing against other Niveks for the approval of Big Dick Karel. Knievel Nivek spent his younger years idolising 80's and 90's stunt performers. He adored motocross and stole his first dirt-bike at just 8 years old. From then on he would compete across the nation at various events wearing a signature red outfit that would follow him throughout his career. At the age of 15, Knievel officially changed his name to Knievel Nivek in the hopes that it would gain him more fans as he began to perform more daring stunts. In 2009 Knievel Nivek performed the one stunt that gained him national news attention and shocked the youth and the elderly alike all across Chernarus. He jumped the Novigrad city-hall on his custom red and white striped Suzuki DR350S. (Knievel thought the S in 350S stood for Sarah, so he called it Sarah.) After that, anywhere Knievel Nivek went his fans would follow, he was easily recognisable as he would never take off his red racing suit. He succeeded and gained Big Dick Karel's approval. A subtle head nod and a stern point to the exit of Big Dick Karel's office was a huge deal in the Nivek family, something that Knievel rubs in the faces of the other Niveks, who he views as inferior. When the outbreak struck, Knievel Nivek would use his bike skills to help the Novigrad raiders. He would jump his bike into compounds and do donuts to kick up dirt whilst the other Niveks would swarm in and take control. He customised Sarah, his bike, by adding secret lock-boxes to store comfort and delivered the pills all across Chernarus. In August of 2019, Knievel was waiting at Svetlojarsk for a ferry to take him to Jelení Ostrov when his beloved bike Sarah was stolen. He believes his bike was stolen by a crazed fan and is somewhere on the island.
  15. Kordruga


    The furries have been eliminated, good work gentlemen 😎

    1. SexyPutin


      Fur bags never die...

    2. Jason b
    3. JorrdanVC



    4. PhoenyxxRP


      pokemon laughing GIF

  16. Kordruga

    Initiating from behind cover

    I have initiated hostilities on countless bases and compounds without them being able to see me due to the nature of attacking bases and compounds. I've never been hit with invalid initiation, seems like a harsh punishment imo
  17. Kordruga

    Brayces - COMIC/ART

    Edgy furry art, cool!
  18. Kordruga

    Vultures Media Thread

    @SquirtleKitty goes from sounding like a cat choking on a fur ball to someone opening a rusty gate in a matter of seconds Edit: This is simply an observation of a fellow group member, please no flame points
  19. Kordruga

    Santiago Cartel [Open Recruitment]

    Had some really good RP from the man himself @RavenousRP yesterday. Setting up some nice deals with some interesting narcotics. If things go the way our interactions went, approval is definitely deserved!
  20. Kordruga

    Failed Robberies Thread

    The absolute king of the failed robberies thread
  21. Kordruga


    To get World of Warcraft or to not 🤔

    1. burRP



    2. Fae



    3. Kordruga


      Irrelevant people can't have a say, sorry 

    4. Fae


      Wow flame 😔

    5. Aisling



    6. BrianM



    7. Aisling


      @BrianM he said irrelevant people cant have a say!

    8. BrianM


      @Aisling so why did you?

    9. Aisling



    10. Mugin


      I don't want to see you archive the group if you buy that shit lol

    11. ThrashRP
  22. Kordruga

    Base Building Limitations

    Could be enforced similar to other RP servers on other games, not through code but through logs. If it were to be reported, surely that isn't a huge task for GMs? Could be a thing. Forcing groups to constantly remodel if their numbers fall or rise is a cool idea. Meaning groups can't just build a fortress and sit inside it. Ultimately, this discussion is aimed at the issue of huge camps for a small number of people and camps made purely for holding gear. Most bases are fine
  23. Kordruga

    Base Building Limitations

    The server crashes multiple times during an hour play time. That is not a server working fine
  24. Kordruga

    Base Building Limitations

    Hello DayZRP Community I am here to spark a discussion in regards to base building. Base building is great. A huge addition to DayZ that changed the game for good. However, on a roleplay community like our own, people don't die and get raided nearly as much as on public servers. This leads on to the heart of this discussion, the limiting of the amount of building that can be done per person. Now, before you base dwellers slap this with a big fat no on the poll, hear me out. Currently, anyone can build as much as they want. Within reason of course. This can lead to outlandishly huge structures for a small number of people. Take for example the 'library' that was built south of Severograd. It was built by/for 3 or 4 people but covered a huge area that was at least 50m in diameter, using only buildable walls. Not including all of the built up structure inside, that is a sizeable strain on the server that in my opinion isn't necessary saying as it was only for 3 or 4 people. Here's where the limitation comes in. Lets set the limit to 3 walls per person for this discussion. With 3 walls, a solo player can secure a house or a shack and safely store their roleplay items inside, lock it up and call it home. Solo players shouldn't need 50 walls to hide their stuff or use as a home. Lets bump that up from a solo player to a 15 member group. Each member can build 3 walls individually but as a group that number climbs to 45 walls. For those who have built a base on DayZ, you'll know that 45 walls is plenty for a 15 person group. It's enough to secure a compound, build a standalone compound or wall off a group of houses. (Wooden crates could also possibly fall under the limit). The reason for this idea is primarily to try and come up with ideas to minimise server strain through the base building mechanic. The secondary reason for this idea is to promote groups. If people want to build their dream base, they'll have to get together and produce something as a team, possibly creating more RP.
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