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  1. Kordruga

    "Girls Only Thread"

    Did you just assume my gender?
  2. Kordruga

    The Time.

    I like the roster changes! Have fun!
  3. Kordruga

    "Girls Only Thread"

    And the roasts keep coming
  4. Kordruga

    "Girls Only Thread"

    Hey ladies was wondering if you'd seen this girl: Been looking for her for quite a while. Lemme know if she turns up cheers
  5. Kordruga

    "Girls Only Thread"

    What's up my fellow estrogen tanks
  6. Kordruga

    SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS! Stary Sabor Red Barn, Saturday May 25th, 7:00 PM EST (Peaceful!)

    Boys night will include the resurrection of the South-Zagoria Fight Club! Bring your fucking hoodies and your intro music because we're having a tourny
  7. Kordruga

    SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS! Stary Sabor Red Barn, Saturday May 25th, 7:00 PM EST (Peaceful!)

    I'll be there boyos
  8. Kordruga


    Someone, ANYONE. Find me her forum name, Twitter @, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, E-mail. Fuck it I'll even take a fax number at this point 😥Screenshot_20190523-173316.png.0bda1779716eb638a13dbc6a3e218fde.png

    1. Xehara


      (800) 463-3339

    2. Finn


      She's holding the pizza wrong, don't do it.

    3. Kordruga


      Don't you dare criticise my future boo

    4. Finn


      that pizza is larger than her torso

    5. Kordruga


      Bruh I know 😫

    6. Falk


      I'm the guy you need for this type of work

    7. Whitename


      (678) 999-8212

    8. William


      but bro i already called dibs

  9. Kordruga

    Ladies Night Visits Stary

    If it ends in a drunken firefight then I'd say that's a bonus! Always look on the bright side of life brother
  10. Kordruga

    Ladies Night Visits Stary

    Alright I'm fucking jealous. I'm putting out a radio broadcast for a pint night for the lads.
  11. Kordruga

    S1 Griefing, R4.4, R2.2 Eden 01:30 2019/05/21

    POV: Took the camp hostage along with members of The House. Some hostile RP occurs before an invalid initiation is dropped. A firefight begins that lasts a good 20 minutes which unfortunately distracted us from our wonderful hostages. We try to get the name of the guy who called the people who tried to kill us. We get a name and leave. Rule 2.2 violation: I did not see you before the server crash and I did not see your message after the server crash. When there is an abundance of hostages it's hard to keep track of chat whilst also providing good RP. I cannot speak for anyone else there but I simply didn't notice it. I also cannot see how it is ABUSE of game mechanics. The server crashed which is completely unpredictable. I didn't see you before the crash and therefore didn't wait around for you to log in. I turn around and you're there, wrong place wrong time. Rule 4.4: It's very difficult to focus on the roleplay aspects of a hostile situation whenever there's 308 Winchester being blasted at you. There was a long period of time that roleplay was interrupted by an invalid initiation and it's following firefight. Not something I could ignore to further RP unfortunately. Also, under rule 4.4 there is an emphasis on providing roleplay back to the attackers and to not be passive. During the situation, we as hostage takers constantly hounded you for information on the attackers and were met with silence. No sense of fear, no sense of danger and overall a real lack of hostile RP from a hostages point. I give credit to Yelena and Noah for providing realistic RP in that situation despite the unfortunate interruption. Learning from them is something I would recommend to the other hostages in that room if you would like to throw rule 4.4 around. Griefing. We take a load of hostages with some big shiny guns. Said hostages somehow call for backup who also have big shiny guns. We want to leave without getting shot by big shiny guns. We destroy big shiny guns to prevent being shot by big shiny guns. Destroying big shiny guns helps us value our lives as destroyed big shiny guns can't fire big scary bullets. There are situations everyday in RP that involves the intentional ruining of someone's weapon to prevent violent reaction from a victim. Those aren't reported as they aren't griefing. Just because of the scale collectively being large doesn't change the fact that it's a guy having his gun broken so he can't shoot me as I leave.
  12. Kordruga

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    Have fun fellas!
  13. Kordruga


    Cooking up something special if any of y'all want some


    1. Mexi


      I'm good, thanks though Kyle.

    2. Mugin


      What do you think this is? My first "may-may"

      You degen.

    3. Kordruga


      The stereotypes are true man, us Kyles love monster

    4. Bot Elmo

      Bot Elmo

      You told me you were black

    5. Whitename


      i’ll take one

    6. Harvey


      bruh that's the worst one

  14. Kordruga

    ATT KOS S1 around 1.15 camp eden

    Vlad Visus POV: Rock up to the camp with House to investigate some Chedaki rumours who we had problems with the previous day. We attempt to take hostages for interrogation. I run with a couple others around the back side of the camp while initiations are dropped and see people running for it out of the back gate and into the woods. I believe I was in voip range when I initiated again and they kept running, fired a few warning shots that were not meant to hit but were to encourage you to stop and have obviously tagged you. I genuinely thought you were in my voip range when I saw the group of people leave the camp and initiated hostilities. I do apologise if I was mistaken and if you'd like to discuss it in discord or over PMs I'd be more than happy to.
  15. Kordruga

    Puncture's Media Thread

    that twitch clip has me DEAD
  16. Kordruga

    German bush man song

    My IQ is dropping rapidly
  17. Kordruga

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    @MajooRB receiving his 4th death of the day
  18. Kordruga

    S1 - little east of Zub castle / 18/5/2019 7:15 GMT - No time to comply

    Vlad Visus POV: Rolled up to the camp to raid it and provide some good hostile RP with the residents. We burst in through the back gate and Dewski initiates. As he is initiating people from the camp run for cover with their weapons drawn and do not comply. Shot ring out and I kill one who is getting cover from the boys seen coming in from the right in the video, he had enough time to put his hands up. Guy runs around the corner and tries to blast me and Andrey kills him. We then take our leave.
  19. Kordruga

    Death Match

    Firedude, PUBG god @Lyca vs @GreenySmiley
  20. Kordruga


    This song is dedicated to Freeport 2016


    1. Falk



  21. Kordruga

    S1 - Bogatyrka - NVFL - 18:30

    POV: This is basically the same as Andrey's. Was in the camp and Andrey recognises the guys voice. Calls out IC this is the Ryan guy who wants you dead Vlad. We ask him to have a chat but he walks out of camp and tries to leave. We initiate and he messes around a bit. Take him in a house, he runs and gets gassed. That's about it.
  22. Kordruga

    What do you listen to ?

  23. Kordruga


    All Dead Batteries PVP montages will use this song


    1. Bot Elmo

      Bot Elmo


    2. ToeZiesOG


      RP Montages *

    3. Kordruga


      Sorry autocorrect 

  24. Kordruga


    Hol up! 🤚

    We coo? 😎

    1. RiZStream


      We coo.

  25. Kordruga

    The Time.

    Looks unreal man! Can't wait to see some slave bases
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