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  1. Couple of grammatical errors in the lore, pls fix Actual feedback though, a few others have said a lot so I won't ramble on about it too much but I was hoping for something more. Something that wasn't just CLF but with a bit of r/niceguys mixed in. Hopefully you take the constructive criticism here and instead of throwing your back up, build on it and make this group your own and not just a rebrand. There are endless avenues to go just don't follow the same old formula. @AndreyQhit the nail on the head with his lore and goals feedback. Make some changes with those and this could become a
  2. Hard to read the title text with your forum background @Jackfish Quick read of the lore and goals, everything looks good, nice roster! Have fun! @Hanro the cutest in the group
  3. Star Wars Battlefront 2 with the boys just hits different 👉😬👈

    1. Azu



    2. bur


      when star wars?

    3. Mugin


      I wish I got more death threats 🙏

  4. Pretty sure BMWs are the only cars with buffed protection. Even then, it makes sense as they're the only well made car on the server, manufacturer wise that is. Every other car still breaks the same way, BMWs just take a bit more effort. Not sure why you'd want to make cars even less usable than before
  5. Sad to see it go, hopefully another group can fill the void left by CLF I'm glad I got to experience it @Hofer you did a great job, on to the next one
  6. 👉😬👈

    1. Azu



  7. So you don't care about lore and you do care about a couple of military bases, why are you even here? -- @bur is going to have a seizure once he sees that BMWs are back, nice update!
  8. Damn we all lored up in this bitch 

    1. bur



  9. @GaryCash the lore team have stolen your baby. Potius Cras is now a lore group and they don't even have operator names 😞 I'm sorry for your loss

    1. ShroudKN


      They puttin disrespect on that shit frfr 😡

  10. Damn, don't like text rp? We had spotted you a while before I turned up, if you're that hung up on a death maybe you should've talked to staff about it What storyline were you trying to create by walking down to Lost Highway and attacking them a few times a week? Trying to build up that commune by robbing and harassing potential settlers was a bit odd! Why does hostile RP have to be about complying? That's a very one dimensional approach, probably why the group didn't succeed. Reevaluate your own words, apply them to yourselves and come back another time with a better idea, maybe then y
  11. Is there any context to why this thread was posted @Inferno, or is it just in general? Generally speaking, it's a whole lot easier to log in, do some hostile stuff and log out. A more passive group that gets attacked by a hostile group has to rebuild, regear and try and take some RP from the situation, whichever way it pans out. That to me is a lot more of a motivation hit than the hostile perspective. I've been in plenty of hostile groups, ones that lasted for months and not once did I ever not want to log in because I wasn't motivated to do something. Dead Batteries didn't have a
  12. Some good RP from @Hanro after the event today, instead of just handling a miss ID via OOC means he sorted it out IC. It made a simple thing actually impact our RP, a good example of how this group deals with things! Hopefully with the end of @Pepsi's Zavat event we can see more of CLF and their agenda, I'm hyped!
  13. When you first choose placement for a fence, the inside will be facing you. Turn it 180 if you want to place it with the outside facing you
  14. Great story @IrishSailor! You've done something I've always wanted to do, except by boat and water instead of van and land, super jealous. Plenty of other irish lads kicking about on the server, including myself, so I'm sure you'll fall in with them at some point! This community has been around for ages and probably will continue to be around for ages so you don't have to worry about it turning out like those other places. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  15. *Freddy hears some chatter coming from a field transmitter, he tunes it and listens in before speaking* "Whole lot of chit chat on this frequency, interesting. No idea who half of you are and I'm kind of glad, loada cry babies and whining children. However there are a lot of you, great! Free advertising! Come buy a fucking car at Kenny's mechanic shop. We take rubles and or rare items as payment. We're up in Novaya, can't miss it. Unfortunately due to some smooth brain antics against our organization I do have to leave a disclaimer. Blowing open our home and stealing something will result
  16. Thread looks really good! Will be interesting to see a refreshing take on nationalism, hopefully everything goes well!
  17. It's not that there's an abundance of loot but that the hoarding that happened when loot was abundant means that there hasn't been any visible change when the loot tables were altered. A wipe would fix that
  18. Waking Up In The Morning Thinking About So Many Things I Just Wish Things Would Get Better
  19. I know @Whitename has changed the values on some spawns but like @Misho said, it's all too saturated and to see some changes we'll need a wipe. @Whitename's changes are at least better than what we had recently, there just needs to be a fresh wipe to show those changes +1
  20. Thanks for stopping by the mech shop today @Craig & @VolraSlava and everyone else, was fun
  21. It's lil turky bruv from the ends


    1. Elrod


      no this is lil turky but white 


    2. Elmo



    3. Kordruga


      Goblin gang 

    4. Elrod



    5. Eagle


      Dude is a bit of a gremlin 

  22. Thanks for the feedback!
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