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  1. Enjoyed the RP today lads, was good to get some actual progression and development! Keep it up boys, big love
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      muerte cj GIF

  3. I think it's fine as long as it makes sense for the group to move between both places and/or has history there. If there's lore and RP reasons then why not? Only problem I have is characters that are on Livonia sometimes have a tendency to warp through time and space over to Chernarus because their friend got initiated on.
  4. Happy birthday @Sung aka burnt beef 🐒🎂

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  6. aye you're welcome
  7. Should make sure that The BanditTrainingBook© has a segment detailing the correct use of a can opener
  8. Not sure I understand the realism point with the hot food. If you feel like it breaks your immersion, find shelter. It's rain, rain is cold. When you get wet you get even colder. When you're cold, your body uses more energy to try and keep warm, hence why the food is going down faster. All makes a lot of sense to me. Taking out a super basic survival aspect of this survival game makes 0 sense to me. -1
  9. Bowie is great and all but I can top that
  10. People be weird nowadays

    1. Conor
    2. Watchman


      only when im around you 1290_shy_blush.png.aa0a84456222b3258e822c62d00f7f14.png

    3. Kordruga



    4. Highlander


      As an Art Historian....man I could tell you some tales lol - People have always been weird! XD

  11. tl;dr Dr.Brandon is gay because of me
  12. Was honoured to be the camera man. Up joyce
  13. That really punctured my heart 😞💔

  14. Really looking forward to this. Strong lore and even stronger roster!
  15. Kordruga

    The Saints

    Not sure how a group is getting bad feedback with them only being a group for a day. I sat in a voice chat with most of them as they decided on the lore, goals and how they would act on the server. @Apollo put a lot of time into this and was even late to work because of it. They're chasing a strong RP catalyst on the server giving them a real reason to dive into the RP on the server and you're all judging them for it? Smh call yourself roleplayers smh. As a roleplayer elitest, former harem boss and average IQ individual I say this group will freshen up the server and bring new challenges to the stale environment. Love you all, Nik you're ok.
  16. Hi this is for my baby @StickRP because long distance loving is even harder during quarantine
  17. Good morning gamers 

    1. Alkis


      Greetings Gamer

    2. Kordruga


      How are you gamer 

    3. Alkis


      Tired gamer, long night. Yourself ?

    4. Kordruga


      I am also tired. Did not sleep well gamer 😞

      how is quarantine life for you my good man 

    5. Alkis


      me being jobless at the moment, half the shit being closed, the other half cutting short on staff while I can't even sign up as unemployed since even the job centers are closed. So it's been quite the ride gamer. 

    6. Watchman


      Morning gamer guy

    7. Kordruga


      Quite the ride indeed young Alkis. Only gonna get wilder

      Morning Juiceman

    8. TurkRP


      Man i fucking hate @Alkis

    9. Banshee


      Good schmytical schmorning gamer, where is the funny xd lol dancing man?

    10. burRP


      good morning gaymers

  18. Kordruga

    The Saints

    Hey baby @Apollo, looks really good! I'm so proud of you for letting your creative juices flow, look at how amazing this turned out! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see all your successes! Much love, your boyfriend
  19. Jannik logs in for 15 minutes a day and this muhfucka gets a feature
  20. *After saluting John Smith for the seventh time today, Peter reaches down to his radio and responds* "I hope you're not seeking banditry to cure your boredom as that would be very very bad. The NATO who have responded are known for dealing drugs and robbing innocents. The man talking about the prison is a slaver and is well known for harbouring the can opener bandit! According to the John Smith Bandit Guide™, siding with these men would make you a bad person! Please do not do that." *The radio is set down before more private investigating work is done*
  21. @AndreyQ Really enjoyed performing medical RP on your body today. It helped with the development of my RP and with the way things are going, I can't wait to gain more experience from you!
  22. @AndreyQ stop dying you're making me have to kill all the bandits

  23. Really been enjoying you gamers' presence on Livonia. Just as seedy as Chernarus with a little bit more uncertainty, keep it up! Also, I don't see anything wrong with a few extra storage cabinets. Potius is a multi-billion dollar corporation with a large roster in Livonia. @GaryCash & co. Keep doing what you're doing!
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