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  1. *A group of people sit by a fire in Novigrad under the moonlight. Survivors of the infection, huddled together telling stories of their travels. Up next is a grumpy old bastard, ridden with dementia. As he flicks open his bottle of whiskey, he begins to tell a story of his own.* "A piece of shit smuggler with no morals and no respect for human life. That would be a typical description of Vlad before shit hit the fan. Making his money by fuelling the war within Chernarus. He didn't pick sides, he didn't care. There was a side of Vlad that nobody knew, even his little smuggling minions. He was a spiritual man. Not your common Jesus obsessed brain dead fuck wit that was normal throughout society. Vlad and a group of others spread throughout the globe worshipped Iris. Iris embodies the moon. She enforces a strong will upon those who provide gifts for her. Gifts, in an essence, is anyone who didn't worship her. Human sacrifice if you will. The story of how that came about is for another time. Anyway, Iris commands flow during the night. When she is in full view, her disciples would prey. Slaughtering settlements, carving families until there was nothing left of them. Eh, the gritty details aren't necessary right now though, let's get back to Vlad's involvement. Vlad led the tribe for years. Before the infection it was obviously a lot more secretive. They didn't just roam the globe killing innocents. It was mainly a manipulative group of individuals feeding money into an underground cannibalistic religion. Vlad was the undeniable king of manipulation, far surpassing the others. He introduced the cannibalism as a way to better control the others. He instilled an addiction for human parts and the like, but he himself didn't partake. He faked it, to you know, avoid the horrible side effects of consuming human remains. It was basically brain washing if you ask me. His tribe looked to him for guidance, for Iris. So yeah, the infection strikes. Everyone everywhere goes fucking ape shit right. Not the tribe. They thrived. They regrouped in Chernarus and caused havoc. Killing hundreds and destroying groups of survivors who were, well, just trying to survive. All the while using their victims to please Iris. Then the first winter struck. The clouds covered the moon. They couldn't make contact with Iris. The tribe moved to Takistan. Ransacking their way through the barren wastes of the desert land. Again, murdering innocents within the hundreds. They cut through the established factions, blasting them away into nothing. They were so fucking powerful under the moon, it was scary. Like yeah I get the whole psychotic, murderous cannibal thing is scary to begin with but these guys, for being only 20ish strong, dominated wherever they went. Let's not blow too much steam up their ass though, things take a turn. Summer came back around in Chernarus, so the tribe returned. Takistan was milked dry. Again, the same pattern occurred. People died in a gruesome manner. The numbers of survivors had dwindled since the tribe last visited the war-torn nation. It angered Iris. Some of the tribesmen say Iris caused the summer showers so they couldn't reach her because of this. Vlad was losing control of them. Their caged insanity was leaking. The clouds were blocking Iris and the tribe was quickly losing their power. Vlad needed to end them, to escape Iris' grasp from turning them into nothing more than an infected with a gun. Vlad organised them into a circle. He used his manipulation ability to convince them of an afterlife with no clouds, just Iris. One by one the tribesmen blew their brains out on the shores of Kamenka. Vlad looked on as the men he lead ended their existence, believing in his word of an everlasting existence with their goddess. Vlad knew it wasn't true, he even loaded his gun with a fucked up bullet. He wasn't going to die that day. He burned their bodies. Fled back to Takistan and began dosing himself up on some type of opiate mixture. Vlad was trying to forget. He knew what he was doing, frying his brain until all that was left was his skills as a killer and as a leader.
  2. Kordruga

    Kai's memes

    Absolute belter of a tune
  3. Kordruga


    Flexing your income online to protect your low self-esteem ain't a good look 🥵

    1. FalkRP



    2. Kordruga


    3. Mugin


      Only flexing I need is TheBravoActual

    4. Brayces


      Excuse you, I'll have you know I have a large wealth in the Sims 3 in which I did NOT use the motherlode NOR the rosebud cheat for.


      And as such I have earned, no, been awarded the privilege to brag as I see fit. 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

    5. Alkis


      The Twink king is always flexing with his treasures and riches. 

    6. Kordruga


      @Brayces get back to work the customers need your support 

      @Alkis you can flex on me any day 

    7. Banshee


      Honestly, anyone who flexes their wealth in and way, shape or form, show me that they are extremely insecure and need validation for their self-worth.

      The only thing that is acceptable to flex is fully-enchanted diamond armor on Minecraft. Nothing else.

    8. Kordruga


      Large facts @Banshee

    9. Brayces



  4. Kordruga

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    PSA We don't go as the Vultures in game, stop calling us it, cheers!
  5. Kordruga

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    Smile because both of you are beautiful
  6. Kordruga


    *Vlad holds down his PTT, winds up his left hand and slaps Ivan on his bald head to catch the attention of those on the frequency* "Good afternoon gentlemen. First of all, to the weird man talking in code, a child could decode that. Second, you're not doing any business with narcotics. I'd advise those interested in comfort to contact me on my own frequency, 70.4. Have fun!" *Vlad releases his PTT before bouncing the radio off Ivan's head and blaming it on Bori*
  7. Kordruga

    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    Good luck!
  8. Kordruga

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Welcome @BrianM!
  9. Kordruga

    Crusaders [Open Recruitment]

    Legendary. Glad to see the thread up, good luck!
  10. Kordruga

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    This group has been going fantastic and I'm happy to see you boys doing so well! Keep it up lads, always a pleasure
  11. Kordruga

    S2 Greifing

    That's a whole mess that requires no reasonably constructed response as you are still clutching at straws, trying to warrant some punishment towards us. However, I'm in a good mood so I'll put this in small and simple points for you and the GMs to review before I stop responding to this. 1. The code locks with different codes were placed so our friends could gain access, not to grief. 2. You were not our hostages as we did not take you hostage. We can't really care about hostages if we don't have any. 3. The reference of S2 is fine. There's no way to reference S2 IC. It's not really your place to tell people what IC communication is supposed to look like in private messaging format. There is no rule regarding it, do it whatever way you want. 4. Doesn't apply to us. Base your opinion on our roleplay standards from actual roleplay with us in game, not from a screenshot in a report.
  12. Kordruga

    Legalities on being killed

    @Ironshade if the player logged in and instantly killed you with no previous hostilities, that would be invalid and a report should be put up.
  13. Kordruga

    S2 Greifing

    There is no need to clutch at straws with metagaming accusations. S2 means Server 2. This is obviously an out of character note for clarification to avoid the recipient of the message rocking up on server one to find that a base does not exist there because it is on the other server. Since the community has two game servers, clarification like this is necessary. Actions taken by the recipient of this message caused no extra damage nor did it get anybody banned. You were banned because you combat logged. That is pretty simple. To clarify the intentions behind this situation, even though they are clearly explained in both the POVs of people involved and in the screenshots of the discord messages: the intentions were to give information regarding the location of your base along with the codes for the locks so that the other group could have easy access in order to perform a raid of their own. It's pretty simple to understand.
  14. Kordruga

    S2 Greifing

    POV: We are told about a base at Lopatino Castle. We go there and begin to raid it. As we're doing so a guy appears and believes @Mugin is a part of the compound. This man then gives Mugin the front gate codes (911) and runs off. We then finish cutting the locks on the other gates and grab the stuff. Once we grab everything we want, I find a codelock and use it to secure the tower we had just broken into (902). I did this as @bur had alerted some friends of ours to come and take a look after we had left. Our reason for changing the codes was not to grief as you claim. There was stuff in your camp that we didn't want/need and therefore invited some buddies to come grab what they wanted/needed. @bur will provide evidence of this.
  15. Kordruga


    I particularly like the clip of you shooting the dead body in the tent
  16. Kordruga

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

    Congratulations! Still haven't met you all in game yet, looking forward to it
  17. Kordruga

    S1: KoS in Three Valleys - 08/11/2019 9:15

    POV: Pretty much the same PoV as young Kit. Was heading to a base near Three Valleys that I'd been told about to check it out. Place seemed empty and open so we walked in. Kitty gets lit up and it scares the clean fuck out of me. I pull out my weapon and kill the accused. Neither of us heard any voices nor had seen any sign of activity. We walked in without weapons drawn and poor little Kitty was killed in cold blood.
  18. Kordruga

    S1: KOS in Cherno - 2019-08-11 - 12:30

    POV: Was just strutting around Chernogorsk and decided to visit the camp there. Walk in the door of the camp and immediately take a tracer to the chest. Manage to get outside the camp and flank to the train bridge. I jiggle peak a building to bait the sniper to stand, he bites and I dome piece him.
  19. Kordruga

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Doing it for you bro
  20. Kordruga

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some insane RP from @Worldclass, @Musty Cheeto & @Einherjar1775! Some of the funniest characters I've ever met
  21. Kordruga

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Welcome @bur, @Bishop & @Hofer!
  22. Kordruga

    • Kordruga
    • TheChadActual

    God tier chad

    1. TheChadActual


      Unless you are 100% gay, don't ever write on my profile ever again. Weirdo.

    2. Kordruga


      sad feelings GIF

  23. Kordruga

    The Dollars

    Had some sick RP from you lot in Novaya the other day. Hope it goes well, good luck!
  24. Kordruga

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    Good luck with this @Dew! Love you long time! xx!
  25. Kordruga

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    You spoil me
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