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    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    I completely agree with OP. Server is kind of a mess right now where conducting hostile RP has a solid 50/50 chance of being either: 1. Ok yeah just hurry up and rob me of my gun then I don't have time for you playing with me 2. Good hostile RP with depth A 50/50 split really isn't good enough for an RP community though is it? Even some experienced people see whit- new players getting away with, in my humble opinion, shit RP and they themselves begin to put less effort into their own RP because they can get away with it. This of course brings the whole server down. Make the whitelist harder, enforce lore and rules understanding
  2. Kordruga

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Yeah but my name is longer
  3. Kordruga

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Of course I enjoyed my lovely time with @Elmo as per usual Very much enjoyed making a good impression on Constance @Xehara, you'll learn more about Iris soon!
  4. Kordruga

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Jesus fuck that was sick
  5. Kordruga

    The Asylum

    Looks sick! Good luck!
  6. Kordruga


    I miss @WhiskeyFoxtrot 😥

  7. Kordruga

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    "You calling us ugly!?"
  8. Kordruga

    Dead Batteries Media Thread

    @AndreyQ winding up the headchop Having a nice meal on our brand new table
  9. Kordruga

    Thoughts on the Current State of Base Defense/Raiding?

    Don't want your stuff stolen? Don't build a base! In all seriousness, building a base right now to store your things is risky. If you know it's so easy to get raided, why store all your stuff there? Why hoard a load of gear in an easily spotted place? Build it for RP and RP a raid. Use it for your own benefit. Raiding is a great new aspect brought along with base building, let it be. I'm applying these questions to all bases, not anyone in particular.
  10. Kordruga

    Post your battle stations

    Ruined by Razer keyboard
  11. Kordruga

    new gaming monitor

    Always gone with BenQ. Had one of my BenQ monitors for 5 years, never let me down
  12. Kordruga

    Shroud's Clipperino's

    Gosh darnit that was some nice shootin'!
  13. Kordruga


    @Dan is my favourite boy

    1. Dan



  14. Kordruga

    [GAME] Guess the real name of the person above

  15. Kordruga

    Dredgens Media

    @Jean levitating n car flipping I legit hate Squillium dude fr
  16. Kordruga

    Armband Dibs

    I want whatever armband beni wants, so he can't have it
  17. Kordruga

    What do you listen to ?

  18. Kordruga

    What do you listen to ?

    A little obscure hope y'all like it
  19. Kordruga


  20. Kordruga



  21. Kordruga


    How to enjoy DayZ again? 🤔

  22. Kordruga



    1. Dan



  23. Kordruga

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    Boy oh boy could I get a fair few warning points in this thread I'll keep it classy
  24. Kordruga

    Éirinn go Brách (Ireland forever)

  25. Kordruga

    Éirinn go Brách (Ireland forever)

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