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  1. Split it 60/40 with me, you know the roleplayers will pay
  2. Where do I buy the battlepass for this season?
  3. POV: I was chilling in Berezino listening in to some conversations when Lil BB turns up. Earlier on in the day I saw someone filming an altercation between CLF, RAC & the police. Not wanting someone to use the footage against CLF, I spun a story to Lil BB telling him that a french dude was stealing his content. Me and Lil BB went off to find the police but couldn't. I decided to shoot a few bullets in the air to see if they would turn up. After firing the bullets I put my gun away and act innocent, even putting my hands up as the police were quite rattled by the gun fire. After lying a few times to the cops saying I didn't see the shooter and basically just standing with Lil BB I get told by two officers to put my hands up and get against the wall. I fully comply with the officers even though I had an opportunity whilst they were restraining Lil BB to non-comply and use my rights to kill them. During this I was muted in comms as I was RPing with @AndreyQ and the rest of CLF were off doing their own thing. As I'm being restrained, @burRP comes around the corner and sees myself and Lil BB being put in cuffs with guns on us and acts on it. After this Lil BB and I are taken inside the PD and our weapons are stripped and we are let free. End of POV ---- I've been around long enough to know what is clearly baiting and what is not. What transpired was unfortunate for the two dudes who got blasted sure but it wasn't baiting. They weren't provoked to handcuff myself or @AndreyQ. They didn't see the gunfire and acted on their own accord when it came to apprehending us. Not once did myself or Lil BB hint that we were involved and told them a few times that we didn't know what happened. @burRP saw one of his group members being apprehended by the police, the same people who he watched kick CLF out of town earlier in the day and acted like most would, shooting the people who are handcuffing his teammate. Finally, I was informed that some of the police were upset with the situation after it happened so I reached out to them to apologise. I told them that I chimped out and it resulted in them dying. However, after going over what happened, the only roleplay I got out of it was being stripped of some weapons and being let go. Pretty normal police RP and not anything that two more police officers could have added to. At the end of the day, the cops didn't have to initiate on myself and @AndreyQ as we both acted innocent and just asked about a french guy. It was on their own accord. At the point in which @burRP opened fire, I was being handcuffed and to his knowledge, actively in danger. This cannot be ruleplay I was actively in danger at the time and cannot be baiting as they chose to incite that danger on their own accord, not due to my actions of innocently standing there. It was their choice to take this down a hostile route. In some short points: - I shot in the air out of anyone's view to get the police's attention so myself and Lil BB could ask them about a french dude -Both myself and Lil BB act innocent and just ask about a french guy -The cops choose to initiate hostilities on us and handcuff us - @burRP sees myself getting put in cuffs by one officer with the other officer holding a gun and shoots both of them
  4. will post full pov when I'm home on Saturday
  5. I really miss @Watchman & @Ducky 😪

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      Hahahaha so yag

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      baba... please... 

    3. Watchman


      ❤️ miss you too

  6. good craic with the boys today slapping bald people @Craig rp best rp
  7. @HarveyLR oh no baby what is you doin
  8. Pog 

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      Sick new avatar n all 😄 ty man

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  9. de well is ova der brudda

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      Glad tu 'ave helped brudda, Slava chernarus.

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  11. I'm struggling to understand some of the points here @Golaneth. Could you give me some examples of experiences that you've had personally with the 3 groups to help me better understand your complaints? Thank you
  12. Kamil Novák. A street rat who raised himself on the pavements of Chernogorsk. Born to a father that he's never met and a mother who left him at the door of the city's church, Kamil never had a support system. The church fed and clothed him but much of Kamil's early life was filled with petty crime just to survive. At the age of eleven Kamil found work on the docks. Kamil would deliver papers for the shipping manager and be paid enough to eat. Growing up around the men of the docks, Kamil would be influenced by their views, their actions and their attitude. He grew a strong hatred for those who caused strife in his country. Chernarus raised him, the people helped him where they could, he seethed at the issues growing within the nation. Now seventeen, Kamil's life hadn't changed. He was still working on the docks as a loader but had now developed his support system, his fellow workers. A shipment had came through, an unmarked crate with no paperwork. Kamil and a few others were asked to load it onto a specific truck and in return would get a bonus. Two men are waiting by the truck, one holding a Kalashnikov, one standing with a backpack. As Kamil and the other workers load the crate onto the truck, the backpack is handed to Kamil along with a flyer. The Front. Kamil immediately saw a cause, an escape from menial life. He'd heard rumour of an uprising from the whispers of the docks but this flyer was his chance to join something and be somebody. Soon after that day, Kamil had begun his training. In the depths of the South-Zagorian woods, Kamil would train for days, even weeks. Learning the ins and outs of guerrilla warfare. Trained in hand-to-hand combat, sabotage and the use of automatic rifles, Kamil slid easily into the ranks of the front. Even after the assassination of Lopotev and the increased Russian influence, Kamil was not deterred. He had found his family and fought alongside them through the coming years. The outbreak. Stories quickly spread about the infection. Things within The Front continued as normal up until Chernogorsk started to burn. Kamil was in Prigorodki visiting a friend when the plane hit the hotel, he saw city that raised him crumble. Kamil returned to his family in the woods to continue his fight.
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