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  1. Couple of grammatical errors in the lore, pls fix Actual feedback though, a few others have said a lot so I won't ramble on about it too much but I was hoping for something more. Something that wasn't just CLF but with a bit of r/niceguys mixed in. Hopefully you take the constructive criticism here and instead of throwing your back up, build on it and make this group your own and not just a rebrand. There are endless avenues to go just don't follow the same old formula. @AndreyQhit the nail on the head with his lore and goals feedback. Make some changes with those and this could become a
  2. Hard to read the title text with your forum background @Jackfish Quick read of the lore and goals, everything looks good, nice roster! Have fun! @Hanro the cutest in the group
  3. Star Wars Battlefront 2 with the boys just hits different 👉😬👈

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    2. bur


      when star wars?

    3. Mugin


      I wish I got more death threats 🙏

  4. Ur old.

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      ur cute

  5. Special man deserves special bday so

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  7. Happy Birthday Kord! 
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      Thank you torie scum 🥰☺️🥰

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      Torie? I don’t vote, what do you mean!

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  9. Happy birthday dude.

    don't forget to switch to full-auto 💪🎉

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      this knight guy I swear 🤬

      Thanks kank- Knight 💖

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    Happy birthday to my favourite chad

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      Thank you based admin Hofer ❤️

  11. Happy birthday dude.

  12. Pretty sure BMWs are the only cars with buffed protection. Even then, it makes sense as they're the only well made car on the server, manufacturer wise that is. Every other car still breaks the same way, BMWs just take a bit more effort. Not sure why you'd want to make cars even less usable than before
  13. Sad to see it go, hopefully another group can fill the void left by CLF I'm glad I got to experience it @Hofer you did a great job, on to the next one
  14. 👉😬👈

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