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  1. Kordruga

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Welcome @NorwayRP! Finally a pvper has joined us @AndreyQ
  2. Kordruga


    Streaming with @General Rickets 


  3. Kordruga

    A criminal exposed [Open Broadcast]

    *Vlad pulls Ivan's radio that he uses to stop his teeth grinding at night, out of his mouth and responds* "Now you all know what he sounds like. Red also worked alongside the child shooter Arnost, abusive father to Liah. Maybe if you find that dirt you can find Red. Bring Red to me, you will be paid. Dasvidaniya" *Vlad slides the radio back into the sleeping Ivan's mouth*
  4. Kordruga

    Interview With A Community Member: AndreyQ

    This is the best interview on the forums and nobody will top it. If I wasn't madly in love with AndreyQ I'd hate his fucking guts for calling me a Brit Slava Q
  5. Kordruga

    A criminal exposed [Open Broadcast]

    *The sound of footsteps pacing on metal can be heard as Vlad holds down his PTT. In a sombre tone he makes his broadcast* "To the people of South Zagoria. Many of you may recognise this voice, some for good times some for bad. Today I speak to you as an ally no matter who or what you may be." *He sighs briefly before continuing* "Some of you may have heard of the drug Comfort. A powerful little pill that calls Chernarus home. I am a distributor of said Comfort, I deal it to those who wish to purchase it. I emphasise these words as I do not force people to consume it, that is bad for business. However, I do know of a man who does force it into people." *The pacing in the background stops and Vlad speaks more clearly into his radio* "A man by the name of Red has worked alongside an unknown man and forced an innocent Chernarussian man and an innocent woman into consuming comfort. These people are good people, they help others and show good will. The Chernarussian man even put his life on the line to free prisoners from the grips of Mr.Lemons on prison island. Now, they are feeling the effects of a drug that should not have been put into their system. Not only that, the version of Comfort forced into these victims was of a substantial concentration, something I wouldn't wish upon unwilling souls." *His voice grows more stern* "Comfort is controlled in this region under my eyes. If it is being forced down the throats of those who need not take it, something is wrong. You listening, could be next. I am calling upon anyone armed and willing to find and bring me Red, alive. Your payment will be extra if he is unharmed. If you care about your life and the lives of those around you, you won't want Comfort in the hands of a man who forces it onto innocents." *Vlad turns back to his private frequency.*
  6. Mugin

    • Mugin
    • Kordruga

  7. Kordruga


    Calling all furries, please make yourself known

    1. Azu


      Calling in @Kordruga for his POV


    2. Alkis


      Fight me Hobo, talk shit get skanged

    3. Kordruga


      Both of you are now on the block list, thank you

    4. JorrdanVC


      fricking furries

    5. Crim



    6. Conor
    7. Kordruga


  8. Kordruga

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    I still remember fragging someone back when notes were a thing and finding a cool story/message to pass on. Would love to see it brought back
  9. Kordruga

    Looking for Work

    *Vlad hears a familiar voice and holds down his PTT* "Privyet, it's been a while since we worked together on the ships. Work is always available. Use the old frequency, you will find me on it." *Vlad releases his PTT*
  10. Kordruga

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Welcome @Aisling, @DrMax, @KennethRP & @Chumpkin! Updated the roster to remove those who have left, images will be updated soon!
  11. Kordruga

    Let's Talk

    I agree with neom. Play the game
  12. Kordruga

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    People who complain about having stale and uninteresting RP but sit in their bases all day doing nothing
  13. Kordruga



    1. Alkis


      You need to work out bruv

    2. Watchman



  14. Kordruga

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    • bur

    Happy birthday you wee skeg demon
     i love you GIF

    1. bur


      love you ugly bastard

  15. Kordruga

    I'm Back

    Glad you're back wombat warrior Ooga blogs slide on da soap
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