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  1. I see we've completed some of our low-tier goals, good job guys!
  2. Kinda wanna go back to being a filthy hostile RPer now

    1. Para


      Same bro

    2. PhoenyxxRP


      Pls? Show people how its done 🤷🏼‍♀️

    3. Kordruga


      b62fd2701af6d5372d894af0073e064f.png.6e9d402edf827679b0ae6fcbf6154f04.png and I'll do it

    4. Para


      @Kordruga vultures returning?

    5. PhoenyxxRP


      Alright you have my beanz

    6. Kordruga


      No @Para

    7. Elmo



    8. Roland


      Stop It Michael Jordan GIF

    9. Kordruga


      @Roland you wanna join my new group?

    10. Roland


      I don't play DayZ

    11. TurkRP


      Why did they point my status update for flamebait thefuck

    12. Roland


      Stop breaking the rules Turk

    13. TurkRP


      Who this, new phone

    14. Roman


      Can I join? I Just wanna do something fucking violent.

    15. Kordruga


      Why of course master roman

  3. Every time this fucking subject comes up I get @'d. Hostile RP is hard. Usually it splits in two ways: 1. You're really shit at RP. You've read the rules and initiate, rob a guy, call him names and fuck off. You skimp on the RP and take your new M4 off to your container, never to be used. 2. You give a hostile atmosphere. Emit whatever emotion your hostile character would emit, act on it, create a storyline IF the RP you receive from the victim is good enough and maybe take a few things and beat them up or whatever. Give the victim a reason to come back to you and continue from there. Long and short of it is, it's hard to get it right. Watch old videos from old hostile groups' media thread, learn from experienced players and don't be a boring bastard. You're welcome. Kind regards, Hostile RPer -edit- Probably should've read the OP post but was too focused on being @'d by some campfire roleplayers AGAIN. There will always be a negative perception of hostile RP because people don't like to lose. It will always seem like the server hates hostile RP as a majority of the player base isn't hostile. When there is a lack of good hostile RP the server is definitely stale. New players will never understand our fondness of some of the best hostile groups in the past until they themselves encounter something similar. Hostile RP makes the server go round if it's done correctly. Always follow the two-way street.
  4. I just got pregnantfrom looking at this picture
  5. Thank you so much for the roleplay today!
  6. Kinda wack 

    1. Mugin



    2. Kordruga



  7. It's been an interesting couple of weeks, here's a video of some of it @AndreyQ has cute kneecaps
  8. Baba... please... baba... image.png.9bc01090f56ad396e6e57c1f06994f15.png

    1. TurkRP


      film trash GIF

  9. Enjoyed the RP today lads, was good to get some actual progression and development! Keep it up boys, big love
  10. Animated GIF

    1. burRP


      muerte cj GIF

  11. I think it's fine as long as it makes sense for the group to move between both places and/or has history there. If there's lore and RP reasons then why not? Only problem I have is characters that are on Livonia sometimes have a tendency to warp through time and space over to Chernarus because their friend got initiated on.
  12. Happy birthday @Sung aka burnt beef 🐒🎂

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