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  1. What's a good group to join rn?

    1. Zero


      District or green dragons if you like being a bandit boi.

  2. Kordruga

    The Kirby Council

    Councillors, a question that is in need of answering has come to the forefront of my current thoughts. I sometimes throw leftover scraps of food into my yard for stray cats, birds and the homeless population. Although recently I have noticed something strange. The birds love scrambled egg. In actual fact they absolutely adore it according to the popular bird review site MigrationAdvisor. My question is simple, are birds who eat other birds' scrambled offspring cannibals? Am I helping their gains or am I turning crows and sparrows alike into murderous, cannibalistic flying death bringers? Many thanks, Concerned cult leader.
  3. Kordruga

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    Very impressive @Aeryes
  4. If someone swallows their juul with the pod in it (Alpine Berry flavour) during an acid trip, will they be ok?

    asking for a friend 

    1. William


      how much was left in the pod

    2. OskuRP


      Id take a trip to the hospital just in case.

    3. Kordruga


      @William I'd say 2/3 full

    4. William


      he'll probs be fine

      might have a stomach ache tho

    5. Kordruga


      Dude my burps taste like berries and battery acid 

    6. William


      thats what u get for using alpine berry

      like what even is that

  5. Kordruga

    Rolando Good Samaritan

    Script kiddy
  6. Kordruga

    Player recognition system

    I personally think this is a bad idea, purely for the breaking of immersion via on screen presence. Although maybe a physical representation on the player *cough group clothing cough* could potentially work in a way that doesn't involved pesky coding and intrusive notifiers on screen, if it's done tastefully. Possibly like in SCUM's manner, middle clicking on a player and inviting them to a squad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Cheers for the feedback! I'll spruce up the thread when I'm back in the country but I had to get it out before spooky season ended
  8. Our Gods Morrígan, the queen of phantoms. A celtic pagan goddess of war and fate. She is the sovereign of battle, blood and death. Worshipping her would grant eternal courage and allow warriors to perform deeds of bravery not capable by non-believers. Daghda, the father of the Tuath Dé. He is the god of druidry, fertility and wisdom. His relationship with Morrígan would give the Tuath Dé strength in their times of need. Daghda’s leadership would pave the path to victory and his relationship with Morrígan would allow control over the life and death of the Tuath Dé. The Tuath Dé, the tribe of the gods. An ancient superior race who bridged the gap between the mortal world and the Otherworld. The Tuath Dé had a divine bond with their gods, they were granted their wants in battle, life and death. Neither good nor evil, the Tuath Dé existed only to appease their gods to be granted the power needed to rule their land. The spirits of ancient heroes, kings and queens lived through the Tuath Dé giving way for speculation that they weren’t human beings like you and me. Millennia has passed since the Tuath Dé ruled over Ireland. The old gods long forgotten. In their place stand the human fabricated gods of modern times. Their teachings are mere rule books written to keep gullible civilisations in check. The instinctual savagery of times past has been subdued and our new societies don’t permit a connection to our true guardians. Rebirth Critical patterns in humanity’s history don’t simply fade into non-existence, they constantly mould and shape into their current time period. For our tribe, this rule of life also applies. Over centuries of war, industrialisation and scientific progression have pushed our instinctual beings into the darkness. Out of sight and out of mind, these tribes have kept their knowledge and power to themselves. Living normal society restricted lives to survive and returning to their primal beings when the gods call them, they live amongst us. The remnants of the Tuath Dé passed down their connection to the gods to each new generation. Their rituals, beliefs and knowledge holds strong in modern society and guides the Tuath Dé through their times of need. Raif Visus is the current chief of the Tuath Dé. A calling of blood lured him into a dying pine forest in the north of Ireland. Following the hymn deeper led him to the body of a young woman. She lay naked on the forest floor, her long fair hair that was strewn across her chest contrasted the blood oozing from her throat. Raif quickly rushed to her aid but upon touching her skin he immediately froze. His veins pulsed and his eyes widened. He heard the call again but instead of it ringing out in the forest, it was from within his own thoughts. Raif had unknowingly made connection. Over the next few weeks he began to read into articles from the area and it all pointed to druidry, specifically to Morrígan, Daghda and the Tuath Dé. Whether illusion or truth, Raif fell into the mindset of those who had performed those rituals of generations past, the Tuath Dé. Ancient books, pagan teachings and old Irish folklore told the tales of the Tuath Dé. His research led him across the country to several altars, all of which directed him further down the path of the Tuath Dé. Over time he would meet others. Pilgrims of the old gods who have too, seen themselves as something greater than mortal humanity. Once a month they would perform connection. A ritual bound in blood and ignited by fire. The ashes of light and the value of blood granted those in the act a link to their gods. A line of worship to ask for what they could provide. Over the coming years their circle would solidify, their practices became routine and they remained in the shadows of society. Circie Iver, a young traveller who had covered the globe in search of her eternal resting place. The eerie tranquility of the dying pine forest became her definite point of lifelessness. As she reflected in her camp, Raif stumbled across her. Saving her from her lust for suicide he inducted her as an Ovate. He taught her everything he and his Tuath Dé knew. Allowed her to become the powerful being that she didn’t realise was possible and guided her through the steps to becoming a druid of the Tuath Dé. Eight months in his presence confirmed Circie’s readiness to Raif. An artifact was needed for Circie to perform connection, an artifact located in Chernarus. Their pilgrimage across Europe began with, unknown to them, the final connection they would make in the homeland of the Tuath Dé. Infection It was the morning after her connection and Circie awoke feeling refreshed. Her and Raif had slept in the back of his van and she needed to stretch. As she went to open the rear doors she felt a breath on the back of her neck. “Don’t.” Whispered Raif. “Something’s going on out there.” Raif reached for his knife and opened the hatch on the ceiling of his van and slowly crept out of it. What he saw was going to hinder their chances of getting back to their homeland. The road out of the region at the bottom of their treeline was backed up with locals trying to leave the area. The military had set up checkpoints that morning and were not letting anyone in or out of the country. He woke the tribe and alarmed them of the situation. They spent the day gathering supplies from the village of Vybor. There was an air of panic and it caused Raif even further doubt about their chances of leaving Chernarus any time soon. That night the Tuath Dé planned to capture an officer as he slept and question him. They acquired a Cyrillic translation book in a tourism shop and were going to use it to get answers from him. Raif and Circie entered the nearby town of Lopatino and found a suitable target. Circie created commotion near the church in the town and Raif snagged the officer before he could respond to the requests of his men. They dragged him to rest of the tribe and began interrogating him. The cult tortured him and got only one piece of good information, infection. It all made sense to Raif now. His inklings of unrest was the spread of death in the region. The next morning the Tuath Dé drove in convoy to the capital of the region, Chernogorsk. The locals were either packing to leave or boarding up their homes in fear, they knew something was coming. After exploring a few of the apartment buildings they found one with two empty apartments and quietly moved in to take shelter and plan on their escape. Over the next few days things would get progressively worse. Foreign forces were called in to the area and the U.S Army had taken control of Chernogorsk. On the 19th of July they got their first sight of the infection. Chernogorsk was overrun. Nothing could stop the extinction of life as they knew it. Over the coming year the Tuath Dé would splinter. Moving in the darkness through burning villages and scouring camps of remaining people for supplies and for connection. Soon enough doubt began to seep into Raif’s followers. The men and women of the Tuath Dé began to miss their connection dates. Raif called for one final connection in the centre of Novodmitrovsk. As the tribe gathered they lit the flames of light and waited for the presentation of their sacrifice. Raif turned to the Tuath Dé and exclaimed that they themselves would be their own sacrifice. “You, brothers and sisters, shall begin your infinite existence in the Otherworld. By joining those who came before us, your energy will last forever. You tribe of gods, you children of Morrígan and Daghda, will be as one. Gather around, we go together into everlasting glory.” As each member positions their weapons, a mixture of blades and firearms, Raif and Circie look around at the circle. The embers light their presence and fellow survivors peek from the windows surrounding the square. Circie flicks her safety off and rests her pistol against her temple. The Tuath Dé, ready, look to Raif. “May Morrígan take us.” A volley of brain matter splatters Cricie as her pistol clicks. Raif had unloaded her ammunition. He stands above her and as she opens her eyes to the sight of her fellow pagans laying dead on the floor, he reaches out a hand and brings her to her feet. “Our work has just begun.” Raif Visus - Kordruga Circie Iver - AlyCat Kibuka Nanyonga - WhiskeyFoxtrot Kei Labbancz - keibancz Braxton Lowe - Aeryes
  9. *Raif lays down his rifle and begins to scrub the blood of a man who couldn't keep quiet from his weathered gloves. Frustrated he throws them to the side and lifts his radio* Tyler, my dear friend, how are you?! I hope you have recovered well from that near death overdose a few days ago in New Grishino! I met a mutual lady friend of ours earlier today and she seemed to think we are a cannibalistic cult! I know, I know... Very confusing. However, I do think that in your unfortunate, drugged up and vulnerable state you may have confused our spiritual healing techniques with those of a much darker practice! Now that is quite the serious accusation as I'm sure you'd agree and I'd like to straighten things out... Y'know, make sure others don't confuse us for something that we are most certainly not. Let me know when you're available to meet me and Circie. It will be just us, no weapons and no pesky backup. You can bring your friends if you wish, I do very much enjoy Harrison's sarcastic outlook. *Setting down the radio, Raif laughs at the welcoming tone of voice he just faked and returns to tend to his gloves*
  10. Kordruga

    New Group Size Rule.

    A great idea, enforcement might be difficult but if people actually play by the rules it would work out better for everyone. +1
  11. Kordruga

    Is killing someone who steals from you while knocked out rule play

    I think in that situation, having the authority to make people produce evidence as to whether or not they took your stuff could lead to further hostilities for those guilty but it's definite rule-play if you just woke up and gatted them... imo.
  12. Huh, so that's where my hostile RP is going wrong! Thanks for the guide!
  13. Kordruga

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!