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  1. for some reason i read that as "my rectum", anyway welcome back
  2. Yeah, of course. I just read through this quickly so I assumed that this was about almost limitting what a group can be about. My mistake.
  3. So wait, timebound goals that achievable are required? I feel like if groups that are based on the "greater than themselves" thing will have a hard time. If a group's fighting a unwinnable fight and the odds are against them, I don't actually have a problem with that, as long as they are fighting for it. Take for example a political party that ends up controversial and shunned by almost everyone. They continue going even though they know they basically have no chance of ending up being in charge of a country, same situation here. Isn't taking away the right to have an obtainable goal removing the ability to make groups with blind leaders, hence limiting diversity between groups?
  4. ARMA 3 always gets deserted. Trying out other games always goes to shit, i have a hard time seeing the people here going out of their way to make a game, people who know how to make a game will definetly not do it for free. We're stuck with DayZ because of the community's name.
  5. this profile page makes me want to put a toothpick in between my toenails and smash my foot against a wall


    1. Solo



  6. Can we just see who downrated the characters. Making the ratings anonymous is very fucking stupid.
  7. I accidentally made this way back in Dayz Epoch. Dick trees.
  8. @Steck Sometimes I cry myself to bed because I remember that you're a father and I just sit on my ass and smoke weed and lift weights all day. @Grimnir You're beautiful, independent, and a true german- Ahem, Gentleman.. Fuck off Rolle SJW trash thats not what I meant @Beni You look like you own a AK 47 @fletcho1 You're a handsome cowboy and a really good hunter jk ur trash 9/11 @Doc Holiday Honestly just fuck me
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