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  1. A software engineer who flew over to visit the remains of the split USSR decided to spend his last couple of days visiting South Zagoria to better understand the culture, but instead found himself stuck in a hellhole with no way out. Now contemplating a escape or a somewhat susteinable life in a country that was run down even without the infected roaming the streets, the Japanese-American's life is about to turn into a violent bloodbath, where everything will be fighting against him and his only goal. Suriviving.
  2. Marcoooz


  3. BlackySnacky

    The Pagan's Motorcycle Club

    Hope this goes well for you bois
  4. for some reason i read that as "my rectum", anyway welcome back
  5. BlackySnacky

    Group goals overhaul

    Yeah, of course. I just read through this quickly so I assumed that this was about almost limitting what a group can be about. My mistake.
  6. BlackySnacky

    Group goals overhaul

    So wait, timebound goals that achievable are required? I feel like if groups that are based on the "greater than themselves" thing will have a hard time. If a group's fighting a unwinnable fight and the odds are against them, I don't actually have a problem with that, as long as they are fighting for it. Take for example a political party that ends up controversial and shunned by almost everyone. They continue going even though they know they basically have no chance of ending up being in charge of a country, same situation here. Isn't taking away the right to have an obtainable goal removing the ability to make groups with blind leaders, hence limiting diversity between groups?
  7. BlackySnacky

    Make our own roleplay survival game?

    ARMA 3 always gets deserted. Trying out other games always goes to shit, i have a hard time seeing the people here going out of their way to make a game, people who know how to make a game will definetly not do it for free. We're stuck with DayZ because of the community's name.
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    this profile page makes me want to put a toothpick in between my toenails and smash my foot against a wall


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  10. As a man of true Aryan blood, Anders was born in Gothenburg 1996, but was abandoned by his parents and found in the streets to be put to adoption in a ghetto in central Gothenburg, where he was eventually at the age of 3 adopted by a pair of arabic parents who took him in as one of their own. At very young age, Anders was shown to be very athletic and energetic, constantly training, trying out hockey, weightlifting and alike. He was living a good life until his life took a drastic change in 2012, when he started searching into his ancestry to find out where he originated from. As it turns out, his grandparent, specifically his grandfather, had been part of the SS Panzerdivision Wiking, voluntarily fighting for the Schutzstaffel and had died in battle, leaving his wife to raise his father. Anders was quickly intrigued and started to slowly but surely alienate his "parents", and read up on national socialist literature, and socializing with likeminded people. His so called parents grew worried, so worried that one day, they approached him to talk to him, but was only met with shouting about them being what he despised and that they deserved to be sent back to their countries, when they tried to argue against him, he tore off his shirt and roared in anger as he presented a green and black tattoo of the Nordic Resistance Movement logo on his chest, before pulling out a gutting knife from his boot and slaughtered them both. His brothers in the Nordic Resistance Movement helped him flee the country and away from the goverment, and ended up in South Zagoria, where he lived underground, his only purpose being smuggling weaponry from the slavic country into Scandinavian countries to help his Nordic brethren to his best ability, gaining reputation as the thing he desired to be. A true Aryan of the norith.
  11. BlackySnacky

    Beni's Character Page Rating System

    Can we just see who downrated the characters. Making the ratings anonymous is very fucking stupid.
  12. BlackySnacky

    Show us your Photography

    I accidentally made this way back in Dayz Epoch. Dick trees.
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