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  1. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    hang, then fuck.
  2. Brayces - COMIC/ART

    Very very cool, this is the kind of stuff that makes me stay hooked to browsing the forums.
  3. Bilek Family

    Just seeing this makes me feel F L E X E D
  4. Ritch Aidel

    Ritch is, back in the states known as the generic nice guy. The Texan mechanic and biker spends most of his time mumbling and singing songs when he wanders through the dead leftovers of Chernarus. After flying over for a visit to see a couple of people who could possibly build a specific motorcycle frame for him, he got stuck in the middle of the hell that was the disease. After losing close friends, he was traumatized and found himself alone through the vast landscape of the Slavic country. The Texan now wanders the wasteland, grieving his lost friends.
  5. "WHAT! DAMIEN, IS THAT YOU?! Wait! No, I'm sorry, I thought it was a call to arms! Fuck.." A swedish accent yells through the radio. Gunnar put down his radio, and sighed deeply. Chugging could be heard from the other side of the radio. Times were tough on poor Gunnar.
  6. Calling all Film Makers, Voice Actors and Mod Day Members!

    I can do a voice.
  7. DayZ Beta confirmed - Opinions?

    Step 1. Release .63. Step 2. Call it a motherfucking beta. Step 3. Don't update for another 7 months because "lol you got the beta"
  8. The story of Joseph Thomas

    so gud
  9. @Lyca, @Joo and @Joffrey were a pair of awesome travel companions, but were just as awesome at making me piss my pants. I'm such a little bitch.
  10. do you still love me sweet prince

    1. Beni


      Wait what? 

  11. Goodbye Moonmen...

    I was going to post a cover of it but I sing absoloutely shit I will miss you you drunken fool
  12. *Gunnar grabs his radio, pushing down the PTT, as he looks at the radio. "Funny, Vice President.. Haha. Ha. H-Ha?" Silence fills the channel for some seconds before he speaks up again, the Swedish Pagan speaking up, a shakey voice. Almost like a scared child. "V-VP, do not fuck with me! I will kill you if you shot yourself!" .... "Pagansdon'tcrypagansdon'tcry.." He repeats, things clearly getting tough for Gunnar.
  13. Accurate representation of what it was like walking out of the castle

    Turning in fire. That sounds metal as fuck

    Oh shit my man, I loved your RP. You character is extremely believable and I enjoyed every second of what happened. That doesn't sound wrong right? You can come a long way with this, man. Hats off to you.