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  1. Zdravko Gavrikov

    Will be done.
  2. "WHAT! DAMIEN, IS THAT YOU?! Wait! No, I'm sorry, I thought it was a call to arms! Fuck.." A swedish accent yells through the radio. Gunnar put down his radio, and sighed deeply. Chugging could be heard from the other side of the radio. Times were tough on poor Gunnar.
  3. I can do a voice.
  4. Step 1. Release .63. Step 2. Call it a motherfucking beta. Step 3. Don't update for another 7 months because "lol you got the beta"
  5. so gud
  6. @Lyca, @Joo and @Joffrey were a pair of awesome travel companions, but were just as awesome at making me piss my pants. I'm such a little bitch.
  7. Benjamin Carlis

    Born in Mexico, Nogales, Benjamin grew up in a Christian family, whom followed the word of God through and through. Although he grew up in this enviroment, he remained a non-believer, instead developing an interest for machines, which was unorthodox for his parents, but they never the less loved him. Going through school with top-tier grades, always pushing his limit. As he grew up, he started working on getting a US membership, and move to the land of opportunity. The process was long and painful, but it was all the same and didn't bother Benjamin much, as he got what he wanted. As soon as he had the possibility, he moved to Brooklyn and started working for an international company whom sent their employees out in the world to work with improving vehicles for companies. Benjamin hopped onto a plane the first opportunity he had to work for them, and seeing the world was just a bonus. Guess he didn't really get what he wanted, now did he?
  8. do you still love me sweet prince

    1. Beni


      Wait what? 

  9. I was going to post a cover of it but I sing absoloutely shit I will miss you you drunken fool
  10. *Gunnar grabs his radio, pushing down the PTT, as he looks at the radio. "Funny, Vice President.. Haha. Ha. H-Ha?" Silence fills the channel for some seconds before he speaks up again, the Swedish Pagan speaking up, a shakey voice. Almost like a scared child. "V-VP, do not fuck with me! I will kill you if you shot yourself!" .... "Pagansdon'tcrypagansdon'tcry.." He repeats, things clearly getting tough for Gunnar.
  11. Siggy is such a lovely fella
  12. we iz kingz naow
  13. Accurate representation of what it was like walking out of the castle