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  1. Vlad was born in 1984 to an average family of 2 (Father & Mother) which later on a little sister was added to the mix which he cared for. Vlad was sent to a regular school like most children that live in the cities and was successful with the eduction program by having great scores on his tests. When Vlad became 18 he decided to go towards a university for healthcare in order to become a doctor which took a course of around 7 years till he became a doctor & a surgeon in 2009, Vlad would work at his hometown Voronezh until he was requested to assist the outbreak at Chernarus in January 2020 which he hesitantly went with in order to help the sick & injured of the pandemic. During his work, Vlad was showcased to a bunch of violence done by protesters due to the overcrowding in the hospitals but lucky he didn't get injured apart from some glass cuts from protesters throwing bricks at the hospital windows. On May 10th Vlad was one of the people that got forcefully and thankfully relocated into a camp which in it he would provide medical assistance to the soldiers & the sick as well until something happened at the camp and infected citizens started attacking everyone inside the camp forcing Vlad & his medical coworkers to flee the camp towards the direction of Russia - once they reached one of the checkpoints the military waves their guns at the doctors and forced them to go back into the quarantine zone known as Chernarus and from that day forward Vlad and his medical pals had to survive the harsh environment
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