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  1. Is anyone else stoked about the new changes coming up? GTAVRP sounds pretty cool. I thought about stuff like that in the past. Looking forward to the community.
  2. I haven't played for a while since i was busy with school. But id now like to know if i would've been blacklisted for inactivity if it was longer
  3. My rp character is a man who grew up as a runaway child and grew up living in the wild. Hides from people using nature maybe?
  4. I'm new, so I get caught by zombies a lot. I run away and I discovered that if you get against a pine tree or a bush, they stop chasing you. Is it supposed to be like this, or is it a bug? I'd like to know soon because I'm going to be recording and if it IS a bug and me using it will be considered exploiting it and I have video proof, I don't wanna get banned. I really need this answered because I don't wanna be black-listed.
  5. hey guys, im new. im just starting to get used to arma on its own. mainly the mouse format. i really want to do a dayzrp for youtube. I just got a 1000 dollar pc just to play dayz and also record. i can record at about 60 fps max settings, have a very decent microphone, and yeah. summer is coming soon so i want to get on this server and record a ton with all the free time ill have. i am kinda wondering, do i just come up with a character or should other people kind of build it up by mixing ideas?