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  1. Character Name: Callie Character Age: 26 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? no Does your character have a mental disability? depressed over the loss of her baby and Baby Daddy walking out of her life. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) no Does your character have any phobia? no Does your character have a love interest? YES, she's been in love with this person for a while, will tell in DM if need be! Does your character have any addictions? is an addiction to a person count? Does your character do any drugs? no Is your character ov
  2. I will be on Vacation for 10 days IN 3 sleeps, I get to go see my son who I haven't seen in person since May of 2018, CALIFORNIA HERE I COME!

    1. Whitename


      Welcome to Cali, enjoy your stay

    2. TipZee


      @Whitename Im from California, I moved out of there 6 years ago, I was there for 40 years

  3. I miss the one that I hold dearest in my heart!

  4. What an emotional day in RP last night, think that was one of the best nights I have had in a long time, even my cat was concerned for me!

  5. “Uh drunk me pulled the radiator out of the car and shot it.” — still drunk @cjackson821 " I only put Premium in my Cock" @RocJag forgot what we were talking about but ya "I have a tree in my cabin so I couldn't hear you." @TipZee
  6. sorry I tagged the wrong Ales, I needed the Alas my Bad
  7. and @DrCrazyGamer, @GunterThePenguin, trying to think of who else was there, my brain is still trying to recover
  8. I didn't know about DayZRP roleplay till I was scrolling about the servers and came across DayzRP and another one, I applied to both and of course this server won my vote to learn to RP other than on GTA and that was kinda boring so I wanted something that was a bit immersive. and I found this server to be just what I was looking for
  9. 100% agree, it's so frustrating to have to try and hear over other that are a bit louder than What's playing on the radio
  10. @Hanro well, your instagrams photos are shit, and you need to learn how to take good pictures!
  11. TipZee


    I work at the Bar so food is of plenty there, so it you ever need some, come for a visit
  12. Maybe in a bit, I am a bit busy at the moment making TikToKs!
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