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  1. My Very First Video. I will be trying to Document my journey so I have something to send back to my parents when I can.
  2. Link to character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-1129/ Link to character twitter: https://twitter.com/CallieG71172768
  3. Callie Grace was born in a small town in Tennessee where everyone knew everyone Her parents had a farm that she loved to help maintain, Callie also worked in a diner and wanted to become a Chef. she worked for her own money to one day be able to travel, she has always wanted to go to Chernarus and learn their customs. She eventually saved enough up and made her way there, not knowing that shortly after her arrival a pandemic was going to hit and leave most everyone dead and the rest to survive,with this new Frenzied Flu running a muck around her she knew she had to do what ever it was to survive. this is where her experience with helping to run a farm and to provide for her self she knew she had to do what ever it was she had to do to survive.
  4. I thought it was cute, and afterwards thier lady's had to take care of them because they almost beat each other to death!
  5. Thanks! Most definitely! I agree! I love meeting new people that come to Soup Kitchen! Hope to see you soon!
  6. Twitch/Youtube/Mixer Name: Letzallgettipz Channel URL: Timezone: [ CDT ] Link to Logo: [ please provide at least a 250x250 imag ]
  7. Since I am going to be called into this report, I guess I should give my statement, I was going through my inventory falling asleep, had nodded off about 15 times in 10 minutes as ai couldn't keep my eyes open anymore so I was in the process of logging off for the night when I heard the sound of a code lock being turned so I called out "hello, who's here" I didn't get a reply, so I called out "who's out there" when I heard "put your hand up" "put your hands up or die" like I said I was already in the process of logging out and it's a habit I have mad e to move to the bed when I "go to sleep" I was so tired. I literally couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. So I logged off. I proceed to go to our discord channel and said " I think we are being raided" hence the word I Think because I logged out and didn't know if that was what was actually happening, one of my fellow players asked if "they where still there" because this like like 5 or so minutes later, and my response was basically I don't know I logged off. To go to bed. I had no idea who was in the camp as I didn't see much and I'm still new to the server so I haven't met alot of the other clans. I Just know I heard put your hands up or die as I was logging off. Don't know what else to say to convey my side.
  8. When I am on I do my best to make soup with the provisions we have, sometimes we don't have enough because people come take our meat and don't leave enough for soup
  9. thank you everyone, its been super enjoyable so far
  10. I really Enjoyed the RP from EVERYONE. Its been the best RP i've ever encountered on an RP server. Thanks for letting me be a part of it
  11. Hello all, My Name is Elyssa, my Persons name is Daisy May, I'm not new to RP but fairly new to DAYZ, I have my own server but it's boarding playing by myself, so I set out to find a server to play on and came across this one. I got super excited to see it, I'm anxiously waiting for my whitelist application to be reviewed, and hoping to be able to join your community of RPers soon.
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