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  1. Hello DayZRP community!

    Hello members of the DayZRP community. I would first like to say, I am extremely happy to have learnt about yourselves and what you do in DayZRP. I myself am a huge roleplaying fan, I have been roleplaying on games for about six years now. Mostly on games like Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft. I feel that joining up with the DayZRP community would be a huge leap forward in my roleplaying career, the fact that I would have to adapt to my own character within myself and speak for him as a person rather than typing out my lines would be extremely interesting and fun to do. Never before will I have done this kind of roleplaying, and I would be so happy to do so. I have watched multiple videos on youtube that involve members of this community. Recently I finished up Chad's adventure with the Enclave and the members within it and it was amazing to watch you all roleplaying so well as a group and communicating as you do. So from me to you, I am very happy to be here! From your's truely, Michael!