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  1. i would say if you do this you should leave a morphine or splint somewhere near by to maybe give you some time to get away before they use it and tell them your dropping it near by but im not sure if that is allowed.
  2. yeah its sad i never get o play when its at night time
  3. Pouyon


    Dont worry we took care of that truck with a grenade before it took anymore lives lol RIP to those brave men and women who Laughed in the face of death and attempted to tame the beast that is V3S
  4. Just a quick question here, lets say a player has given me KOS rights on him but instead of killing him i handcuff him and hold him. Meanwhile his buddy down the road is also shooting at me, in this situation would i be required to tend to the person needs such as water and food?
  5. Pouyon

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Someone posted in the forums that the Arma 2 and SA GUID were the same and to just copy and paste, that was not the case i need a SA GUID reset plz //Terra: GUID reset. Please re-enter
  6. Hello everbody out there! Just got my whitelist application put in, i havent typed/written that much since highschool (5 years ago) lmao well ne ways just figured id stop by and introduce myself. if things go good ill be looking forward to meet you guys in game lol
  7. I have yet to play yet but im looking forward to seeing all the skins ^^