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  1. EARLY LIFE Born into an impoverished family in the old soviet apartments on the outskirts of Volgograd, Dragoslav was dealt a bad hand from the day he took his first breath. Not long after his birth Dragoslav’s father passed away leaving only his mother to look after both him and his older brother Darko. Dragoslav’s older brother tried to help his mother support the family as much as he could, but in the end after Dragoslav’s 13th birthday his mother took her own life in the Volga river. At this point Dragoslav’s older brother went off to join the Russian federation ground forces and Dragoslav was put into foster care. Being one of the older children at the orphanage no family chose to adopt Dragoslav, as at this point he was considered “damaged goods”. Due to this feeling of constant rejection and failure Dragoslav began to hang around with the local gang around his orphanage which tended to prey on the older orphans to do their drug running. At age 15 Dragoslav dropped out of school and started to roll with his gang full time committing petty crimes such as drug running and pick pocketing tourists visiting the city. By the age of 22 Dragoslav had zero life prospects and essentially accepted the fact that conducting petty crime would be his life for the foreseeable future. This was until Dragoslav received a message from Drako who wanted to meet with Dragoslav, reluctantly Dragoslav agreed and decided to meet his brother at a local park. During this meeting Dragoslav and Darko discussed their lives after their mother had passed, it became clear to Dragoslav that his brother had actually achieved something with his life while he was just wasting it away. It didn’t take long for Darko to convince his younger brother to sign up and enlist into the ground forces. Thus Dragoslav’s military career began. MILITARY LIFE After joining the military Dragoslav immediately felt he was out of his depth as he had never had any form of structure or discipline in his life up until this point. Due to him being older than the rest of the recruits this made him an easy target for the officers, thus he was belittled almost everyday during the first few months of his recruitment. However Dragoslav persevered and stuck with the program to ensure he would not slip back into his old ways. As training went on he began to see how some of the NCOs would lead their men and Dragoslav was inspired to try and follow in their footsteps. Once he had completed training Dragoslav was assigned to the 320th motor rifle battalion in South Zagoria as a basic rifleman. However Dragoslav hoped that in the field he could prove that he was more than capable of leading. CIVIL UNREST Within South Zagoria Dragoslav was posted in the town of Zelenogorsk, during his initial time here it was relatively quiet with not much violence in the general area. This was until the infection and unrest began to spread in the region. Being posted in Zelenogorsk - a fairly populated town in South Zagoria - Dragoslav’s unit was hit hard. However just before breaking point they got the call he was hoping for. To pull back and regroup.
  2. Wonderful meeting you boys today, was a pleasure to get some fantastic British RP. huzzah!
  3. image.png.9bd5a650a185a0c0a2f3587f1d491ced.png

    love you Don 

    1. groovy don

      groovy don

      This is basically harassment.

    2. Corry


      thats not harassment this is 


  4. Really great to be at it again lads, slava!
  5. For why? I would like PC yes.
  6. 0e6bdfe7c1f9d8fa9006c769ad83c8c0.png.910f02416a14215ed1b84dab4879943a.png

    1. groovy don

      groovy don

      If you see any of these locals be sure to say "How you doing bois" for a free pass.

    2. Senore Dogg

      Senore Dogg

      Those were the days man

  7. pjimage.jpg.bef89ab56a563336590f89b3ccf5e1d4.jpg

    1. Harlow


      those memes are zboring

    2. groovy don

      groovy don

      get out.

    3. SweetJoe


      ...is the answer Zbor?  Cause I feel like the answer is Sex, but then there are all the Zbor being Patriotic...

      I can tell from the 1 finger salute. about the patriotism I mean...

    4. Harlow



    5. SweetJoe


      "Alba gu bràth"

      YALL are laying the reich stuff on heavy aint ya?

    6. groovy don

      groovy don

      Nice b8 m8 

  8. Me_irl


    1. Corry


      Bet ya can’t wait to kill some English 

  9. @xIO_VAPEG0D_OIx @Pep @Corry @Harlow @Ducky

    Right you lot this "drama" has crossed the line, i'm going to be dropping some sick ass diss tracks soon boys you better pray I don't go too hard on you all.  

    1. Dom


      Is it gonna be Vevo though if not I'm not interested.

    2. Corry



    3. groovy don

      groovy don

      the vevo watermark will be at LEAST 95% of the thumbnail 

    4. Ducky



    5. Dom


      We need some people to make videos about our diss tracks too.

    6. Corry


      calling @Roach help make vids for our diss tracks plz 

    7. groovy don

      groovy don

      calling in @Galland for a reaction video 

    8. DeeBlack



    9. groovy don

      groovy don

      E X C L U S I V E  leaked still from @xIO_VAPEG0D_OIx diss track 


    10. DeeBlack


      Did you just fucking give him Devvo?


    11. Dom


      Automatically won.

    12. groovy don

      groovy don

      I wouldn't be so sure @Pep has brought is crew.



    13. Dom


      Maybe let Dee stay home too.

    14. DeeBlack



    15. Corry


      So have I still gotta go school 

    16. Dom



    17. Corry


      M9 I need to go back to school it was easy life

    18. Galland


      @Don what type of reaction video?


  11. Please don't talk to me about good RP unless you own one of these...


    1. groovy don

      groovy don

      Stop following me kid or i'm reporting you for harassment.

    2. groovy ap

      groovy ap

      What if I have 3?

    3. Oliv


      I actually saw one for sale at a store near me. Almost bought it to wear while streaming.

  12. i love when memes have to attack the isolated northen meme cuz they cant fight with the big memes

    1. Dom



    2. groovy don

      groovy don


    3. Jetwells


      Is it me your looking for?


  13. We are but simple men, do not judge pls...
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