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  1. Donald Beckett is a simple man with a simpler story to go along with it. Born on the bonny shores of the Aberdeen coastline on July 6th 1945, Donald was a man who was never short of a penny and has never known a life outwith luxury and has always seen himself above the common man. From a young age Donald Beckett has always enjoyed the benefits that a life of luxury provided; hunting, nice cars, beautiful dames and wonderful tea parties. For most of his Donald has been part of the Winchester Gentlemen’s Club, a club exclusively for the upper echelon of society for proud conservatives which was established 1930. Over the years Donald worked his way up the ranks of this exclusive club to the position of chairmen were he has remained for the last 5 years. However one day his little club decided it was a fantastic idea to go to the savage eastern European land of Chernarus for a spot of hunting. However little did Donald and his band of merry men know that they were in for a jolly unpleasant time
  2. Don

    Computer giveaway

    For why? I would like PC yes.
  3. Darko Dusek was born in Elektrozavodsk, South Zagoria, Chernarus. His father died before he was born and his mother was left alone to raise him and his older brother Dragoslav Dusek. Living in a small apartment building in the heart of the town the Duseks could barely afford to put food on the table with his single mother working at the local town factory. At 6 years old Darko mother took her own life after not being able to take the strain of raising two children in such poor conditions. Consequently Darko was put into foster care, with his older brother being taken into a local street gang. He was taken into family of a CDF Officer in miroslavl were he was brought up with great discipline for the remainder of his youth with regular beatings for non-compliance , however he kept his mother’s maiden name. His foster father, a proud Chernarussian nationalist, taught Darko how to become a wolf among sheep as he truly believed the boy had the mentality to become a great leader of the newly found independent Chernarus. Darko started studying politics in the hopes of getting into the university in Novigrad, however when civil war broke out in 2009 his foster farther made him enlist into the CDF “To protect the sovereignty of their great country”. Darko joined the 66th Chernoborg were his bravery in the fight against the Chedaki earned him the rank of lieutenant. Once the war was over Darko was stationed back in miroslavl were he began to study politics again in the hopes that his military service would kick start his political career. But soon word began coming from the region of South Zagoria of the outbreak. Before the CDF had a chance to react miroslavl fell to the infection and Darko did the best he could to secure areas of miroslavl with both military personnel and local civilians from the growing infected. Making and losing friends happened on a regular basis for Darko however he still remains vigilant as he makes his way back home to South Zagoria.
  4. Don

    Lore Faction Interest Thread - Government/CDF and UN

    @Major well you know exactly where I am going lad
  5. Don

    Černaruský Národní Řád Media Thread

    We are but simple men, do not judge pls...
  6. Don

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Aye was great RP, but also great removal
  7. Don

    "Vernost" Media Thread

    Danislav's Dank Adventures Part 1
  8. Don

    What is the LiF team up to?

    I agree 100% with this More active Lif team members = More events = Increased server activity At this point it is a no brainier that the Lif team needs a reshuffle, be that inactive members need dropped or recruit actual active Lif players.
  9. Don

    [Partizany] Zeleny Partizansky Otryad [Strict Recruitment] [Active]

    Oh boys just noticed this thread was up now, I will be back once my PC is up and running again. But I have one question which way should I be stepping?
  10. Don

    To a settlement that needs a combat, medic and survival instructor

    *Darko picks up his radio and begins to talk For fuck sake you are literally cancer, please shut the hell up and hang yourself from green mountain before you humiliate yourself any further. *Darko puts down his radio
  11. Don

    To a settlement that needs a combat, medic and survival instructor

    *Darko picks up his radio laughing Fuck off back to your own country cpt. navy seal and use some of that expert skill in shooting to fucking dome yourself. *Darko puts down his radio
  12. Don

    [21] Traphouse Media

    Hope you enjoyed all the goodies inside, well deserved
  13. Don

    [FANGS] The Gray Fangs [ARCHIVE PLEASE]

    Indeed we appeared a group of survivors to you, but we identified you and you shot at us, + all the reports we have been getting of you guys. Can I possibly get more details of this event in which we shot at you?
  14. Don

    DayZRP Community Rainbow Six: Siege Tournament

    Good luck getting past our defence boys
  15. Don

    "Zbor" Movement Media Thread

    Darko's Dank Adventures Part 5 "Operation Whitename"